WhatsApp Group Calls Now Support More Than 4 Participants

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Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for safe and secure video calling apps have tremendously increased. Amongst them all, Zoom is the most popular. It has covered a long rising journey. However, now the Zoom app is surrounded by security questions which created an opportunity for other video-calling apps as well to increase their users. Microsoft, Blue Jeans, Skype, Hangout are continuously working on their features. And now WhatsApp Group Calls Now Support More Than 4 Participants.


WhatsApp Group Calls Now Support up to 8 Participants

Last week, messaging app WhatsApp was also in rumors to have been working on increasing the number of participants in a group video and audio call. Merely a few days later, the increased group calling limit has rolled out to WhatsApp beta users. Now, finally, the feature has been launched. The feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo. The new group calling participant limit is now live on WhatsApp beta version 2.20.133 on Android and on iOS. Till now the feature has not been rolled out publicly, but it will be available to the WhatsApp users soon.

WhatsApp Group Calls

The first step is to start a group conversation by tapping the call button. After that select the contacts with whom you want a group video call. You can select the maximum seven contacts which will be eight including you. For starting a group call with people, you don’t share a group with, simply tap the call button and then opt for ‘New group call’ Now, select the participants maximum seven and enjoy your call.

WhatsApp Group Calls

The caveat of the increased limit is that all the participants need not have the latest version of the app. It only shows an error message i.e. “Several people are using an old version of WhatsApp. To start calls with 6 people (any number over 4), all participants need the latest version of WhatsApp.”

This could be a beta test after which the feature will be released publicly. WhatsApp is now ready to take over the other video calling apps.

WhatsApp Group Calls

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