YouTube Music and Premium Hit 100 Million Subscribers Milestone


  • YouTube Premium and YouTube Music surpass 100 million subscribers, showcasing significant growth in paid services.
  • Challenges include converting free users to subscribers and competition with Apple Music, which boasts over 80 million subscribers.
  • YouTube’s success is attributed to a bundled offering, mobile focus, and diverse content, yet maintaining a balance between free and paid services remains crucial.
YouTube Music and Premium Hit 100 Million Subscribers Milestone
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On February 1st, 2024, YouTube proudly announced that the combined subscriber base for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music had surpassed a remarkable 100 million members.


This feat, coming eight years after the launch of YouTube Premium, demonstrates the growing popularity of paid subscriptions on the huge video-sharing network.

However, beneath the surface of this good news lies a story full of intriguing complexities. Check out the details.

YouTube Music and Premium to Hit 100 Million Subscribers

The stated 100 million subscribers include those who subscribe to both YouTube Premium, which provides ad-free video viewing, and YouTube Music, which allows for ad-free music streaming. Unfortunately, the exact spread of these two services remains unknown.

Notably, the past year has seen a respectable increase of 20 million subscribers, indicating a constant development trend.

Despite the large statistic, it’s important to note that these 100 million members account for only 5% of YouTube’s massive 2 billion monthly active viewers, highlighting the difficulties associated with converting free users into paying customers.

The combination of YouTube Premium and Music into a single product most certainly played a critical influence in driving subscriber growth. This unified subscription offers consumers both ad-free TV content and music streaming in a single package.

YouTube to hit 100 million subscribers

YouTube‘s strategic emphasis on mobile-centric experiences is perfectly aligned with user preferences, making it an appealing platform for on-the-go music and video consumers.

Furthermore, the wide content catalog, which includes music videos, original content, and user-generated videos, provides a unique value proposition when compared to other streaming services.


In comparison to YouTube’s success, Apple Music has more than 80 million users, demonstrating the severe rivalry in the music streaming industry.

The lack of a transparent breakdown of YouTube Premium and Music subscribers makes it difficult to judge each service’s success.

Despite the challenges, YouTube’s global reach and broad content repository point to untapped possibilities for additional subscriber growth, particularly in overseas markets.

To maintain its competitive edge, YouTube must continue to differentiate itself by delivering new features and exclusive content that is not available elsewhere.


Maintaining a careful balance between free and paid goods is critical for attracting new users and retaining existing paying subscribers.

Overall, surpassing 100 million subscribers is unquestionably a significant accomplishment for YouTube Music and Premium.

However, understanding the nuances and current issues is equally important. YouTube can capitalize on this milestone by exploiting its strengths, fixing constraints, and adjusting to changing market conditions.

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