6 Best Email Clients for Windows 10 in 2022

Best Email Clients
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This whole COVID-19 pandemic hit us all quite hard and one of the things that we all had to deal with a lot were emails! If you are a student, have a small business, or a corporation, you will know the importance of emails that is why you need the best email clients.


Email Clients are good as they offer a lot compared to the normal web-based email services. They are more organized, easy to manage, give you more control and you have full control of the mails. That is very important if you look at it from a business perspective.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 best email clients that are now available in 2022. So here are the 5 best email clients for Windows 10 in 2022:

Best Email Clients for Windows 10

Microsoft Outlook

best email clients

Microsoft Outlook is the classic email client from Microsoft, and it is the stock choice for pretty much everyone who wants a good email client.

The integration of Outlook Calendar makes it very easy to share calendars to meetings and with other integrations like Microsoft Office, Outlook Contacts, the work is just smooth.

Outlook is the gold standard of email clients and it is trusted by businesses worldwide. Microsoft Outlook is available as a part of Microsoft Office Suite.

Mailbird Pro

best email clients

Mailbird Pro promises to make your email “easy and beautiful”. And it does its job quite well with so many free themes that make your mail look good and you have more customization options.

It brings loads of built-in apps and a lot of integrated apps like WhatsApp, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Slack which makes the workflow easy. Mailbird Lite is also available and the Lite version is free.


best email clients

Mail is one of the best email clients available out there. It has some really cool features like Undo send, Read receipts, link tracking, dark theme, and other themes as well.


You get features like translation, support for major email services like Gmail, iCloud, Outlook.com, Yahoo, Office 365. So overall it is very good. It has a free version and a Pro version which gives you access to more features.


best email clients

Thunderbird is Mozilla’s free but powerful email client. It is a very well-developed email client and has all the basic features that you would expect from an email client.

It is very customizable as you can install addons to increase functionality. It has some really cool addons for privacy and security.

The only downside is that it is not cloud-based so if you are comfortable with it and looking for a good alternative to Outlook, Thunderbird is good.


eM Client  

best email clients

eM Client is one of the email clients that has been around for a long and it has successfully transitioned to become one of the best email clients out there.

It has a very modern user interface, has some cool features like contacts, calendar, and chat. You also get support for major email services like Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, and Outlook.com.

With the latest version, you will also get live backup, basic image editing features, and PGP encryption. The Pro version is good for commercial use as it gives you VIP support and unlimited accounts.



As well as the five email clients listed, we’d also heartily recommend Spike, who offers a great deal when it comes to an innovative approach to email client solutions.


What we like most about Spike’s approach to email clients for Windows users is that they offer a straightforward service that is easy to use and fit for purpose. Indeed, often when using Spike email client service, you are left asking yourself, ‘why don’t all email client apps work this way?’. 

Their app looks to make the email more of a conversational tool, which helps you keep things in check. This is perfect for those conducting multiple chats/tasks at the same time, making multi-tasking far less of a headache. 

Spike’s interface is truly intuitive, rather than just claiming to be, and everything you need is well defined, and that means that within a matter of minutes, you are in tune with what their service has to offer. As far as communication tools are concerned, Spike is very much a forward-thinking player in the email app space.

Their service is secure, and support options are plentiful. Pricing plans are well laid out, and you’ll find yourself neatly fitting into one of the four plans available.


Spike is free for your personal use and for businesses the fee is pretty much nominal. With this comes the addition of voice and video meetings, both of which are smooth and without the glitches, we’ve occasionally seen with other Windows apps.

The inclusion of nice detailing, like custom notifications, voice notes, and undo send features, is very much the icing on the cake for this app. 

So these were the 6 best email clients for Windows 10. If you use other email clients, do let us know in the comments about their features and how do they compare with the ones mentioned above.

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