5 Simple Steps to Edit MP4 Files

Video Editing
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MP4 is an extremely popular video file format. It can store both audio and video files taking relatively small space.


It is easy to alter and store on devices, or share online, which is why you might use it for your projects.

Yet, to enhance your video’s quality and make it stand out, you need to know how to edit an MP4 file. 

To make it easier for you, we composed the tips on how to edit MP4 videos. In addition, you will find the list of software to use for different purposes. 

5 Simple Steps to Edit MP4 Files

1. Enhance the Resolution 

The first thing to consider after opening the video editing software is to check the size of your video. It will determine the overall quality of the picture and the details you will show.

If the resolution is too low, there will be a lot of noise and pixels standing out. It doesn’t help you make a good impression. The standard resolution for videos nowadays is 1080p (1920 x 1080).

So, if your original video is smaller, you better enhance the resolution using the software.

Video Editing

2. Arrange the Timeline

If you have several videos, you need to be careful with the timeline. Keep an eye on the overlapping clips, so your video won’t play the same piece twice, confusing your audience.

The other thing is you need to logically structure all the clips and place them in the right order. You want to tell a story that is wholesome, not to jump from one concept to another. 


The timeline helps you to keep track of all the elements in your project, from clips, audio, and music, to effects and transitions. It is a standard tool you can find in all the programs.

3. Add Audio and Music

Audio quality makes a huge difference. Whether your video comprises talking or only has some comments inserted, you need to make them right.

The poor quality voice comments missed pace, and the wrong volume will avert people from your videos. Therefore, when editing MP4 videos, take time to enhance the quality of your audio, add music to the right place on your timeline, and adjust the volume not to make it too loud or too quiet.

4. Adjust the Speed

Once you added the audio and music, enhanced them, and adjusted the timeline, check for the pace of your video. It might happen that the picture of your video and the audio don’t match or lag.


To avoid that, play the video and check for any inconsistencies and mistakes. Once you spot them, alter the time and speed of your clips, and check if the other clips aren’t affected by the changes. 

5. Apply Effects

You are almost done with editing your MP4 file. The only thing left is the style. Change the color of your video to enhance the picture. Bright hues attract people’s attention.

You can go further by adding cliparts, transitions, illustrations, and infographics. They will help you support the statement you make or add some fun to your project. 

Once you are done, save your MP4 video. Now, you are ready to share it with people. 


These tips are supposed to make editing MP4 videos for you easy and enjoyable. If you follow them, you will ‌create a professional-looking video project avoiding all the struggles.

Yet, there is a discrepancy in this article. You might wonder what software to choose to follow these steps in practice. We have an answer. 

Video Editing

Best Softwares to Edit MP4 File Easily

Adobe Premiere Pro for experienced editors

This program has everything you need to edit MP4 videos. There are many tools to animate pictures, crop clips, change the size, create transitions, or apply effects.

The problem is you will take a lot of time to learn how to edit MP4 videos in Adobe Premiere Pro. It is good for people who already have some experience in video editing. Otherwise, you might get frustrated as the interface of the software is not so obvious. 


Clipify for the beginners

Clipify has a user-friendly interface and plenty of tools for video editing. You will create any kind of video project with this software, from business-oriented to personal.

Enhance the resolution, add effects, transitions, crop, or adjust the timeline. The good news is you don’t need to be proficient in editing. You will learn how to edit MP4 videos in Clipify on the go. 

LumaFusion for Apple users

A nice option for those who want to edit video projects on their phones. LumaFusion is packed with useful tools, making the editing process easier and more accessible. It has all the features you will find in the standard video editing software and has an intuitive interface. 

Now you have all the knowledge you need to edit MP4 files. The only thing left is to apply these steps and tips to practice. Choose the suitable software and create the perfect MP4 video to earn you all the deserved attention. 

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