Is Your Amazon Account Locked? Here’s How to Fix

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As you all know, Amazon is counted among the most famous e-commerce websites globally, where you can easily find everything from electronics to home products, from musical instruments to pharmaceuticals, etc.


It would be impossible to find someone who has never made any purchases on Amazon. 

Despite the great convenience of this service, sometimes it may happen to us that we block our Amazon account sometimes by mistake.

If your Amazon account has also been blocked, So in this article, we will tell you what can be the reasons for its blocking and how you can unblock blocked Amazon accounts.

Amazon Account

Why is my Amazon Account Locked?

Amazon account blocked for security reasons

There can be many reasons for blocking your Account if you have activated two-step verification and are now unable to do so. So because you no longer have the same mobile number, Amazon cannot send you the code via text or call. 

Your Amazon account may be locked for security reasons. The only solution, in this case, is to contact customer service and send them a scan or photo of your identity card or another valid document (such as your passport).

Once your identity is verified, you will be able to log back into your Account and disable two-step verification.

Amazon is very attentive to the safety of its users and monitors any suspicious activity on e-commerce. Most frequent concern:

  • Incorrect entry of credit card details: While adding a new payment method to your Account. Failed credit card verification can raise suspicion (such as attempted fraud) and, as a result, suspension of an Amazon account.
  • Excessive use of shopping and gift cards: Amazon may think money laundering is taking place and will lock your Account to see what is happening.
  • Gift card purchases after signing up for Prime: If you create an account, sign up for Amazon Prime, and purchase a gift card immediately, Amazon will immediately block the Account because it attempts to commit money laundering. It is possible
  • It is accessing Amazon from an IP address different from a standard IP address. This may suggest that the User’s Amazon profile has been hacked.

In all these cases, Amazon will suspend the User’s Account, and if you try to log in to the site, the message will appear: Amazon account is blocked for security reasons.


Amazon Account Blocked for Too High Returns

There is no maximum purchase limit, after which Amazon blocks the Account. However, suppose the Company notices an excess return of its products (especially in a short period).

In that case, you may be subject to an immediate ban and blocking of your Account for violating Amazon’s terms and conditions. 

In the best-case scenario, you may receive an email from customer service warning you that you are making too many returns and that this is abuse that can lead to a ban.

However, Amazon can block the Account without warning in the worst-case scenario. The Company may suspend any Account at its sole discretion without reporting the restriction to the User.


Amazon Account Lockout for Fake Reviews

As already mentioned above, Amazon is very cautious about the activities of its users. Another reason for banning can be publishing false reviews (positive or negative). 

Suppose suspicious activity is observed relating to positive reviews of items the User has never purchased (perhaps written under financial compensation from the seller) or harmful to defame the seller. In that case, Amazon may suspend the account without warning. Can block.

Amazon Account Blocking Scam

If you have received suspicious emails titled Your Amazon account is blocked, and orders are pending, or inform you that your Account has been blocked due to unauthorized access, be aware that it may be a scam.

Thousands of users have received this type of email. Unfortunately, many have done so by clicking on links in the email text and entering their data to log into a fake Amazon account and thus allow access. I have taken advantage of it. hackers


There are several ways to understand that you got could be a fake Amazon email. If the email sounds suspicious, first check the sender’s email address to ensure it’s not Amazon.

Then check the subject of the email. If it’s too generic or sensationalized, it’s a clear sign that it could be a scam. Check the text as well. If there are any spelling errors, this is not an official Amazon email.

Lastly, if you have any doubts, never click on a link found in an email, but contact Amazon customer service directly to ask for clarification.

How to Unblock a Locked Amazon Account

If you wish to unblock your locked Amazon account, the only helpful way is to contact customer support. The easiest way is to talk to an operator by calling the toll-free number.


Call +1 (206)-266-2992; if you’re from the U.S. If you live outside America, the number you should call is 1-888-230-4331.

After explaining your login problem, you will be asked to verify your details by sending your ID (or confirming them by phone). If the block is not due to a severe violation of Amazon’s policy, you can easily unblock your Account and return to using Amazon.

How to Cancel a Blocked Amazon Account

If you are no longer using Amazon after getting banned and you now want to cancel your blocked Account, know that to do so, you must first perform the unblocking operation by contacting support (as described above).

When you complete this process, you will be able to delete your profile permanently. If you do not know how to delete your amazon profile, then you can try the method given below by me –

  • First, make sure that you want to close your Account permanently: once done, you will not be able to recover it. This will effectively delete all the data associated with it.
  • After making your decision, go to the official closing page. Here, you will see all the services associated with your Account.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. If you wish, you can mention the reasons that prompted you to close your Account.
  • Once you have selected the reason, check the box. Yes, I want to permanently close the Amazon account, delete my data, and click on Close my Account.
  • Once this is done, check your email to verify that you have received the confirmation message – don’t forget to check your spam folder.
  • If you have more than one Account, you will need to repeat the following steps.

Alternative Process –

Like many other websites, Amazon’s interface can change over time, resulting in changes in the closing process. The best possible way is to contact Amazon customer support in such cases.

  • Go to Amazon’s official website and log in to the Account you want to delete.
  • Then, in the top right corner, click on your account name and select Account
  • Click Help. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select More information > Contacts:
  • In the new page that opens, choose a reason and click on the Chat button.
  • This way, you can directly request the closure of your Account. Don’t forget to treat employees well – they are not responsible for Amazon’s marketing strategies and management practices. 


We hope you found our article helpful and that closing your Amazon account is no longer a hindrance for you!

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