Since the COVID-19 Outbreak, there is much sad news coming from pretty much every sector. Another sad news seems to be on the way as Amazon is planning to Delay Prime Day because of the lockdown due to COVID-19 Outbreak.


Amazon to Delay Prime Day

An internal meeting is observed by Reuters and it suggests that Amazon is planning to delay Prime Day till August. Amazon fears that it could lose about $100 million “from the excess devices it may now have to sell at a discount” because of the delay.

Amazon hasn’t commented on this report so far.

Prime Day is one f the most essential sales for the company. Amazon said that Prime Day 2019 was “once again the largest shopping event in Amazon history”. It was bigger than the combines sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018. Amazon also stated that last year’s Prime Day sales were “two biggest days ever for member signups”. Prime day is also essential as Amazon-owned brands and products also get a big push in such sales.

The delay is very unfortunate and it is expected that much like every sector Amazon will also suffer a loss in revenue because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. While we can only hope for things to get better.

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