Apple is Developing Apple Watch X to Celebrated its 10th Anniversary


  • Apple’s 10th-anniversary Apple Watch X is rumored to bring a sleeker design, innovative health sensors, and a faster CPU, aiming to redefine smartwatch technology.
  • Anticipated blood glucose sensors could revolutionize health monitoring, while other speculated features include an improved display, integrated compass, extended battery life, and cellular connectivity.
  • If realized, Apple Watch X might set new industry standards, showcasing Apple’s commitment to innovation and dominance in the competitive smartwatch market.


Apple Watch X
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According to reports, Apple is getting ready to overhaul the Apple Watch to mark the 10-year milestone.


According to rumors, the tech giant Apple is busily working on an ambitious facelift for its ground-breaking Apple Watch, which is scheduled to release in either 2024 or 2025, in time for the watch’s approaching 10th anniversary.

The upcoming model, rumored to be called the “Apple Watch X,” is expected to debut with a variety of enticing improvements, including a sleeker casing, an inventive band redesign, and a variety of cutting-edge health sensors, according to an exclusive exposé from the reputable Apple insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

Gurman, who is renowned for his uncanny ability to predict Apple’s tactical moves, has said that this next transition may be the most significant change since the 2015 debut of the Apple Watch.

Notably, the updated shell should exhibit a 10% decrease in thickness compared to the existing model, adopting an even more streamlined and attractive profile.

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Gurman makes the equally intriguing claim that the bands are about to undergo a conceptual redesign, featuring a clever attachment mechanism ready to make the process of switching them out simpler.

It seems to improve health-monitoring features. Gurman confirms that the Apple Watch X will have a ground-breaking blood glucose sensor in light of the ongoing industry chatter.

This particular advancement, which has been looming on the horizon for some time, has the potential to revolutionize the watch’s health-focused functionality by enabling the monitoring of blood glucose levels, a crucial feature for people dealing with diabetes and other important medical conditions.

Apple Watch Ultra

Such a feature, which has hitherto been the signature of medical-grade smartwatches, represents a significant advancement in Apple’s capabilities in the field of health technology.

The Apple Watch X is positioned to provide a hefty punch in terms of computing power in addition to its developments related to health.

Gurman explains that the system is set to have a brand-new CPU, which is anticipated to run an amazing 20% faster than the current model.

This change is expected to boost not just the performance of trickier applications and complex games but also the effectiveness of the watch’s integrated health sensors.


It is important to keep in mind that, given the early stages of development, some of the aforementioned characteristics may need to be improved upon or changed before the product is officially released.

The underlying message, though, is unmistakable: As it approaches a decade of innovation, Apple is preparing for an unmatched makeover of its popular smartwatch.

If the anticipated Apple Watch X materializes as predicted, it may readjust the benchmarks for smartwatch improvements and strengthen Apple’s monopoly over the cutthroat smartwatch industry.

Other Apple Watch X speculated features”


The Apple Watch X is believed to offer the following features in addition to the smaller casing, new bands, and blood glucose sensor:

  • A new display with increased brightness and resolution
  • An integrated compass
  • Increased battery life
  • All devices include cellular connectivity.

Even though these are still only rumors, they provide an idea of what the Apple Watch X may look like. The Apple Watch X may represent a significant improvement over the existing model if Apple can deliver on these features.

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