Arch vs Ubuntu: What’s the Difference?

arch vs ubuntu
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Anyone familiar with any Linux/UNIX environment has surely heard the following names- Debian, Ubuntu, and Arch. Debian is one of the oldest and most stable distros(distributions), with many other distros being based upon Debian. In this article, we are going to discuss Arch vs Ubuntu Linux.


Ubuntu is another majorly famous distro, itself being based on Debian but with a few nice additions under the hood like the ability to use PPAs and it’s LTS releases.

Arch, well, is installed by the Linux Master Race people and they love to flex their Linux knowledge. Personally I use, prefer and recommend Arch. It is one of the most powerful distros since it is highly configurable and powerful.

In fact, it’s install process is so complicated that most people get confused since it is completely CLI(Command Line Interface) based. So, which is the perfect distro for you? What are the differences between these distros?

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Arch vs Ubuntu: What’s the Difference?

For your better understanding, I have divided the differences in various section. Go through the rest to know more:

User Interface(UI)

Ubuntu comes with different DE(Desktop environments) by default like GNOME, KDE, XFCE and the list goes on. On the other hand, Arch comes with a Command Line Interface by default which is difficult for a new user. It is possible to install any desktop environment.

Package Manager

Ubuntu comes with apt/aptitude package manager by default and snap is available too. On the other hand, Arch comes with Pacman. A lot of applications are built for apt in .deb format, while not all apps are available for Pacman. The list of available applications on Pacman is still expanding and applications can be built from their source too.


Ubuntu is highly stable and most app updates are non-buggy. Whereas for Arch, its updates are bleeding-edge, i.e, they are released without full testing. As a result, a full update usually results in issues with the Arch installation.


Ease of Use

Ubuntu has an easy to use UI, while Arch is complicated to use for beginners. Avoid using Arch if you aren’t familiar with Linux terminal commands and don’t rely on your PC/Device for stability and day-to-day usage.


The main reason people use Arch because it doesn’t contain any unnecessary apps. Arch is completely configurable and people are responsible for each and every application installed. Whereas in Ubuntu a lot of applications come preinstalled during the setup. An easy way to install Arch is by using scripts such as Anarchy(easy arch install distro), scripts on Github like Archfi, etc.

These are the main differences for Arch vs Ubuntu. My recommendation would be that a beginner installs Ubuntu and then switch over to Arch after having a good grasp of the terminal.

Link for your reference:
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Official Ubuntu Website:

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