Top 6 Best Browsers for iPhone

Best Browsers for iPhone
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Are you looking for the best browsers for iPhones? You’ve come to the right place. Many browsers are available, but it is not easy to find the best one.


If you are bored of using the Safari browser on your iPhone and want to explore more options, then this article is for you.

To be honest, Safari is a great browser, and it has so many security features to protect your data. But not all browsers are the same. However, they all have the same goal, and that is to browse the Internet, but today there’s more to a browser than surfing the web.

What today matters the most is privacy, speed, syncing, and cross-platform support. Data syncing is the most important feature because it will sync all your data between iOS, your Mac, and Windows too. But safari is not available for Windows and Android users.

We have a dedicated list of the best browsers for Android (click here), Windows (click here), and Mac (click here).

Best Browsers for iPhone

If you are looking for a secure browser that supports all platforms, then here is a list for you.

1. Google Chrome

Chrome - Best Browsers for iPhone

The Google Chrome browser is still one of the best on the market and one of the top choices for many users. The Chrome web browser contains more than 250 million active monthly users (on the desktop) and over 1 billion worldwide. Chrome continues to release updates on a regular basis, which add new features and enhance security.

The Google Chrome browser is a fast, free and reliable web browser that makes it easy to search and share on the web. The browser is simple, easy to use, and a fantastic resource to use. The Chrome web browser is ideal for those who are new to the internet.

Google’s Chrome web browser has greater privacy and anti-tracking features than competing browsers like Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox. It has more options for customizing its appearance, and it’s faster than other web browsers.

The browser’s design is based on Google’s material design and is aimed at providing the user with a unified experience across all platforms. Chrome usage has increased dramatically over the past few years, and the browser is now the most popular in the world, with approximately 60% market share.


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2. Safari Browser

Safari - Best Browsers for iPhone

If you’re looking for a browser that is fully compatible with iOS and that is simple to use, then the new Apple Safari browser might be the right choice for you. Its minimalist and clean interface makes browsing the internet a breeze, and the browser is fast, making it a viable contender against Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other popular browsers.

The interface is simple and intuitive, with an address bar in the top-right corner, tabs underneath it, and edit options. The browser has a handy “tab overview” feature in the top-right corner. This feature lets you zoom in and out of the various tabs.

This is useful for researching multiple tabs at a time. Once you’ve set your preferences for browsing, you can use Safari on all of your devices. The browser’s customizable settings are compatible with other Mac and iOS devices.


Apple’s Safari browser is the default browser for iOS and iPadOS. While this browser may be the default choice for many Apple users, there are plenty of other reasons to consider switching to Chrome or Firefox. The two browsers are very different, but both are fast and easy to use. You’ll likely find some features you love in one browser and not in another.

There are also numerous settings and options for customization. And if you want to customize your Safari browser, you can also download browser extensions.

3. Microsoft Edge Browser

Edge - Best Browsers for iPhone

If you’re looking for a browser that is compatible with iOS, Microsoft Edge might be the one for you. With many extensions supported, this browser also supports in-depth privacy settings, online tracker blocking, color themes, and a browsing mode specifically for kids.

Microsoft Edge also syncs your data with your Microsoft account, which means you’ll have one consistent browsing experience across your devices.


Edge is compatible with more add-ons and extensions. Microsoft learned from past mistakes and now offers this browser on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux, and soon to be available on a third platform. Compared to Firefox and Chrome, Edge beats them in most benchmark tests.

Microsoft Edge also has a number of privacy-related features. It includes Inking, which enables users to write on Web pages, Cortana (a character in the Halo video game), and asymmetric cryptography to reduce resource usage.

Despite the improvements, the Edge browser does not offer full support for privacy protection, so you should be aware of this before making your decision. However, it is the fastest browser in terms of speed.

Another feature that makes Edge unique is the ability to jump between tabs. It will soon show all the open tabs in your browser. This feature is useful if you regularly open many documents and apps at the same time.


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4. Mozilla Firefox Browser

Firefox - Best Browsers for iPhone

With the latest version of Mozilla Firefox Browser, you can experience enhanced security and privacy on your iPhone. This browser features search suggestions, fast access to your favorite sites, and search results from your favorite search engines.

You can organize your tabs into Collections and share them across devices. Mozilla Firefox browser supports the most popular add-ons while enabling turbo-charged default privacy settings.

Other benefits of Firefox include the ease of sharing web pages and specific items on those pages. Its recent history and bookmarks can be accessed quickly. Mozilla Firefox also comes with an option to block content and add-ons.


The browser allows you to type in a web address straight into the address bar. You can also use the address bar like a search engine, which defaults to Google. To access web pages in a different language, select your language and country. You can use the address bar to go directly to a site. You can also customize Firefox by making it your default browser. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With this browser, you can surf the web privately without worrying about your computer’s memory. Mozilla Firefox has also stripped out its memory-hogging ways, making it a serious contender for the number one web browser spot.

Another great feature of Mozilla Firefox is its new tab highlights. These highlights are curated based on your search history and the sites you visit most. You can customize and manage your highlights, as well as delete individual stories.

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5. Opera Browser

Opera - Best Browsers for iPhone

While the popularity of Chrome dominates the modern web browser landscape, Opera is not without its own unique features. Although it shares many of Chrome’s traits, it is worth noting that Opera still offers a host of other benefits that make it a superior browser.

Among these are speed, user-friendly design, and full features with little need for third-party add-ons.

The interface of Opera is very simple, with an address bar at the top of the page. Other features include tabs, bookmarks, communication apps, and a media player. Unlike other browsers, the browser comes with built-in messaging apps.

You can send emails, photos, videos, and other media to other devices without setting up an account. Opera is compatible with many popular web apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also sync your data across devices with ease.


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6. Brave Browser

Brave - Best Browsers for iPhone

The Brave browser is a new browser that is designed for privacy and security. In addition to being safer, the Brave browser also blocks advertising.

Its privacy features are particularly impressive. The browser is much more secure than Google’s, as it doesn’t collect information about your web browsing habits or send them to third-party servers.

It also uses 66 percent less memory and 35 percent less battery than Google Chrome. Users of Brave are also more likely to enjoy a smooth browsing experience across different devices. While Chrome and Firefox are known for their ease of use, Brave is designed for privacy-conscious users.


The browser is compatible with many platforms, including iPhones and macOS. It is faster and more secure than most browsers and focuses on security and speed. It blocks trackers and ads automatically, which means you can browse the internet faster without worrying about pesky tools.

As a bonus, the browser offers a rewards program whereby advertisers pay Brave users to view their ads. While this may not be the best choice for everyone, it’s an excellent option for crypto users.

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