FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files from one location to another. It is the protocol to upload or download files that actually make up a website.


Although Android file explorers have FTP capabilities, it is good to use some of the best FTP Clients that are dedicated to this work.

In this article, we are going to list down the top 5 best FTP clients for Android that you can download from Play Store in 2022 which are the best for a seamless experience.

Best FTP Clients for Android



Best FTP Clients for Android

AndFTP is one of the most popular and trusted FTP clients for Android. It has a very smooth and user-friendly UI. The good part is that this client provides very good stability. It directly lets you upload or download files from the host server. You can even resume your downloading with AndFTP.

With this, you get the support of various protocols like FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and SCP. It also lets you rename, delete, and run custom commands. It also has multiple language support.

Turbo FTP Client

Best FTP Clients for Android

Turbo FTP Client is easily one of the most popular and best FTP clients for Android. It supports FTP and SFTP protocols. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. The good part about this FTP client is that it gets regular updates.

You also get some really cool themes with this one and it also comes with Multi-language support. In terms of performance, it is very well optimized and fast. It also supports password encryption.

ES File Explorer

Best FTP Clients for Android

ES File Explorer is another great FTP client for Android users. It is a very popular file explorer and it can be used as an FTP client as well. So you get two different features in one app.


It has a feature to compress and decompress files. The navigation is very easy. With ES File Explorer, you can easily connect to any host server and you can also manage your local files.

Easy FTP Client

Best FTP Clients for Android

Easy FTP client is also a great option if you want to download/upload multiple files at once. It supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP protocols. You can also create ZIP files with password protection.

With Easy FTP, you also get the option to pause/resume your downloads. Another great thing about Easy FTP is the user-friendly interface that it brings. You should definitely check it out.


Best FTP Clients for Android

PowerFTP is a very minimal FTP client for Android. It supports unlimited hosts. It has no limits on file transfers. However, the UI isn’t one of the best on this one. You also get an in-built text-editor.

Overall, it is one of the best FTP clients for Android that supports FTP, SFTP protocols and if you are looking for a minimal FTP client, this is really good.

So these were the 5 best FTP clients for Android, do use them and let us know which one did you like the most. If you face any difficulties, feel free to reach out to us.



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