10 Best Vandal Skins in VALORANT


  • Vandal skins elevate your shooting experience and invoke a feel-good factor.
  • Yet they should be smooth, non-glitchy, and have a design to please you.
  • Hence, you would want the best Vandal skin, and I’ve got them all.
Origin Vandal
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How about battling with each other in your ideal gaming setup? It is a tactical first-person shooter game, and defeating all your enemies is a fierce and guilty pleasure.


But how do you achieve it? Well, you guessed it right: we are talking about Valorant. 

Could you imagine playing it with an average gun? You don’t need to freak out, as I can say that it’s not less than a nightmare; hence, you would have wanted something posh like Vandal.

Here’s where you would like to upgrade them. Plus, some bold looks on it would add more fun. So, you would be looking for the best Vandal skins, and I’ve covered you all! 

Best Vandal Skins For Most Powerful Gameplay 

Are you confused about which skin you should buy? If yes, this list will give you detailed knowledge about the best skins and their features.

It’s made in increasing order concerning features and pricing. Just read it thoroughly, and get victory in your game. Here we start! 

Reaver Vandal

Reaver Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

In the list of best vandal skins, Reaver always comes first. Due to its sound effects, visuals, and animations, it is the most preferred choice of gamers.

It is also an excellent option to go for concerning budget. The skin is relatively better than others regarding more features, sound, and animations at an economical price. 

It comes in four variants, i.e., original, black, red, and white. Plus, its dark-themed variants make it look heavier and more controlling.


It is best for the players who want to kill their enemies in one click. The majority of the players took this skin because of this feature.

Prime Vandal

Prime Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

Prime Vandal Skin is like a competitor of Reaver Skin. But Reaver beat it due to its typical look. It doesn’t give a dominating vibe.

After reaver, it’s the preferred choice of players. The skin’s headshot ability makes it a must-try option for everyone. It has a glass-like sound effect, which pleasures players’ ears. 

Further, you would have experienced a feeling of controlling the weapon recoil in a better way. This feel adds fuel to the player’s wish to buy this skin. Hence, its sales increased in the market.


Champions Vandal

Champions Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

Champions Vandal Skin launched in the market for a short period. Riot Games launched this skin as a part of the champions bundle.

Till now, there were two launched bundles, one in 2021 and the other in 2023. Its shooting and animation feel help it get its favorite quickly. 

Its price was high, but the skin has premium rare features. Valorant Champions 2021 celebrates the victory because of this cosmetic skin. But now, this skin will never return to the market.

Araxys Vandal

Araxys Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

Araxys Vandal Skin is regarded as the best in creativity. It has various creative gun animation effects. These effects make it feel like you are doing a movie scene at some Terminator. Its sound system does its best to add fuel to creating scenes. 


It comes in four variants. They are original, purple, black, and silver. The black variant is something different that made this skin on the list of best.

Using this black variant, you think like a real fragger while playing. It gives you soothing sound effects and stunning colors that make the view look amazing. 

RGX Pro 11Z Vandal

RGX Pro 11Z Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

RGX pro 11Z Vandal skin is named after it became a part of RGX 11Z pro. It is one of the best skins to use over others.

It comes in four variants, i.e., original, red, blue, and yellow. Its interchangeable colors make it more attractive. The rotating gear inside the gun makes the player wish to try it at least once. 


It has flashy sound effects and RGB lighting in visuals. It was the first cosmetic that could count your kills in the match and show them.

But it only estimates match kills, not lifetime kills in a game, unlike CS: GO. It was chosen because of these different features and the final kill animation.

Elderflame Vandal

Elderflame Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

Elderflame vandal skin was launched in July 2020 for an Elderflame bundle. It was hyped in no time upon its arrival in the market.

It is the first ultra-tier skin on the list so far. Its dragon-like look wonders the fans and encourages them to use it. It never fails to impress you with its features.


When reloading, the dragon burps a fire, which looks impressive and helps you somewhat control the game.

Its bullet-shooting sound is also like a dragon breathing sound. It is the mainly used weapon skin in competitions. It is the best option because of its low price and exciting features.

Forsaken Vandal

Forsaken Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

Forsaken Vandal Skin is the simplest one discussed until now. It is clean skin that has minimal sound and animation effects. The skin has an aura effect near the weapon, making it stand on the list. This skin looks more beautiful than others. 

However, it has only two variants, as others have at least four. But it never fails to impress the audience. It gives a royal feeling in both variants. Many fans wonder if a new iteration of the sovereign bundle will come in 2020. 


Origin Vandal

Origin Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

Origin Vandal, which came out in the origin bundle in 2021, also made its name on the list. It comes into the list of best skins based on its inspect animation look. It comes in four variants: original, green, red, and white. 

The annoying part of this skin is its sound. When the bullet is fired, it produces a sound like two metals striking each other. Due to this downside, it gets a name at the end. Only fans of metallic sound prefer to opt for this skin.

Chronovoid Vandal

Chronovoid Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

Chronovoid Vandal Skin is simple and woody. Despite being woody, it gives a metallic sound effect. This sound is why this skin gets the last position in the list. But it provides the smoothest inspection animation effects. And its final kill animation gives a fantastic vibe. 

It has four variants: original, purple, red, and black. All variants give a clean feel and look fantastic. Its black variant gives a royal feeling.


Sentinels of Light Vandal

Sentinels of Light Vandal - Best Vandal Skin

Sentinels of Light Vandal Skin arrived at the time of League of Legends. It has no time to become a fan favorite. Its crystal-like sound and last-kill animation make it stand on the list.

Its sound gives a calm feeling to the ears. Its animation makes the skin look heavier and attracts players to use it. The available variants in this skin are Original, Pink, Red+Green, and Blue+Purple. 

The only fact that makes it appear at the end is its price. Moreover, it doesn’t look like an exclusive tier and gives a premium skin feel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Vandal Skin is Best in Valorant?

It is a point of debate about what to choose. But Reaver Skin tops the list in every format. Its look, price effects and everything is perfect. It is a must-try option for everyone and plays a significant role in victory.

Is there any free vandal Valorant skin?

No, there is no free Valorant vandal skin. Some skins have low prices. You can choose whatever is suitable for you.


Here are the best Vandal Skins that are worthy of use. They offer excellent features to help you win the game. Choosing the skin wisely as per your needs is crucial.


It should be smooth to use, have enough design to suffice your needs, and suit the gun triggers. You must define what you need and then choose accordingly.

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