10 Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

Valorant Glitchpop Phantom
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Phantom has become everyone’s choice. It is versatile and can prove its worth at the right time by having a trained person.


Due to its high demand, phantom skin does its job to transform the appearance. The phantom is known for its skin animations. They not only improve appearance but also help to finish the enemy.

But how do you choose skin from so many options? So here, we got the best results for you with the 10 best Phantom Skins. Join us on this journey of reading to know the key factors of each skin.

Best Phantom Skins

From various animations to soothing sound effects, these skins make the phantom a statement rather than just a weapon. Let’s dive and see which skin can suck your enemy.

1. Recon

Recon - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

How about a realistic Phantom skin with a stylish red and black military camo version?

If yes, then the Recon Phantom skin is something you must check! 

The somewhat classic look with a dash of military colors gives it an incredible feel. The skin won’t disappoint you, even regarding arms and ammunition.

This is because it consists of random weapon attachments. Thus, you will get anything between a laser sight, foregrips, or laser light whenever you purchase. 

You would know how authentic it performs if you have used it before. But to your surprise, users were quite disappointed in the skin upon its launch. It’s because they had expected some unique animations, but there was nothing!


Even if you don’t prefer the red and black design, it has other color variants. With a solid design and tactical feel, it stands out as one of the favorites amongst players who prefer simplicity in design and rawness in shooting.

2. Oni

Oni - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

If you love Japanese designs and action, then Oni is a must-catch under your list!

It has a bold Sage green color with a dash of black at the bottom, and some Sakura flowers add the perfect finish. Further, it features hard and tactile feedback that is perfect for action-loving Valorant gamers like me. 

Like other skins, it has different color variants and options for upgrading to three levels. Besides, these different stages add different features that would enhance your usage. This is because it includes various VFX, kill animations, and more. 


With it, the Oni has a monster vibe that also feels fearful. The skin keeps evolving with time, with more effects and better performance. What makes it popular is the fact that it was the first animated Phantom skin. 

What if you use your aggression and the ugly spirit to fight to improve your game? Well, you would channel it for victory, and similar to the skin, it brings in various effects and animations.

3. Radiant Entertainment System

Radiant Entertainment System - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

How about the most stunning, feature-packed, and priciest Phantom skin that’s worth every penny? 

If you can go for it, you can’t afford to miss the Radiant Entertainment System. It has different skin variants and colors depending on whether you use it for Ghost, Operator, or Bulldog.


Further, its crisp sounds with sleek audio and next-gen animation are a further ado. Whether you want to hit one perfect shot or fight a battle with multiple random shots, its performance nails every aspect. 

No matter its launch date, the Phantom skin is evergreen. You would be wondering what lies behind its design about its stunning red and violet colors with patches of animation and ideal shape.

Its design is not random but sees motivation from Bazooka Badger kind of three video games. Hence, its bundle has three variants for every ammunition. 

What if the opponent you kill last camouflages into a live person with VFX? Though it sounds impossible, the skin has a “Finisher animation” to make it feasible. 


Though the bundle isn’t available now, you can get its skins individually. Each of them has different audio effects and is similar. 

4. Prime 2.0

Prime 2.0 - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

Were you troubled by heavy Prime Phantom skin but its robust effect had amazed you?

If yes, then Prime 2.0 is something that you need! 

The revamp of Prime in its newer version has worked over the shortcomings, providing you with an incredible feel. It does align with the next-gen game experience. Besides, it is sleek with a contemporary yet action-oriented design. 


Like the Prime skin, it also has a reload animation. A further ado is the exhaust ports that add more appeal and glow to it.

It is one of the most premium skins with neon colors and classical attention. The bundle has different variants and colors for you to upgrade as per your mood.

5. Spectrum

Spectrum - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

Are you looking for smooth skin with a soothing effect on the ears?

If yes, then Spectrum is the right option for you.


First ever bundle to collaborate with international star Zedd. It comes into a category of the most expensive Valorant skin sets. It has a unique animation, and musical sound effects spread multiple colors everywhere.

It has smooth skin to use easily, and the sound is calm and pacifies the ears when a bullet is fired. It comes in black, red, purple, and pink variants. It is one of the most exclusive and sensible skin. It offers an acoustic and optical treat.

6. Protocol 781-A

Protocol 781-A - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

How about using a robotic dialect technology? Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, Protocol 781-A is made with the elements of Artificial Intelligence. It is made by picking some ideas from Glitchpop, Singularity and Ion Phantom but quite different from them. Protocol 781-A skin is available for the Sheriff, the Spectre, the Bulldog, and the Phantom.


Having a feel of the advanced battlefield with this skin is possible if you get trained by an intelligent robot. It is one of the most expensive skins that can speak. A robot that can shoot a player is unlocked at the last animation stage.

7. Glitchpop

Glitchpop - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

How about a phantom skin that ends the enemy with a cartoonish blast?

Yes, Glitchpop is a phantom skin that finishes your enemy in style. It gives a feel of cyberpunk. It gives a glitchy and futuristic vibe. It features vibrant colors, unique visual effects, and cool sound effects that make it stand out.

It’s like entering a digital world where everything glitches and pops with style. With this skin, you’ll turn heads and make a statement on the battlefield. It’s a great option for those who want to add flair to their gameplay. 


8. Ion

Ion Phantom

If you love not showy and distracting skin with a clean look, then Ion Phantom is a must-check under the list.

Ion Phantom offers a cool and edgy vibe with its futuristic and sleek design. The blue and black color combination makes it stand out in the game and adds a touch of style. It has a core at the center which fuels the charge.

It needs to replace the central core every time you reload it. With a soothing sound, it creates a geometric shape on shooting.

MOBA’S Pulsefire skin fans also love to use this skin due to its features. But it comes only in one variant, ivory white. It gives a feel of releasing real lasers upon shooting.


9. Reaver 2.0

Reaver 2.0 - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

Are you curious about a phantom skin that sends players to hell upon finishing?

Yes, Reaver 2.0 is a skin that does the same for you. 

Much awaited best Vandal skins seen in Phantom in the form of Reaver 2.0. Its headshot sound is the most interesting part that attracts the skin.

It is known for its elegance and power. It comes in various color variants that grab the attention of players.


It has a dark and menacing design with red accents and intricate details. The skin gives off a powerful and intimidating vibe, making your character look like a force to be reckoned with.

10. Singularity 

Singularity - Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT

Do you like a versatile and crowd-pleaser skin?

If yes, then Singularity is the right option for you.

Singularity skin is known for its best animations. It has a unique feature to deconstruct when not in use. When you reload, it gets constructed back.


Its gunfire creates a small black hole, teasing the impending finisher animation—a larger void that would wash out opponents, making them invisible until the next round.

The Singularity Phantom boasts captivating variations, with the lightning-infused blue and yellow design being particularly fascinating.

The Bottom Line

These are some best phantom skins that are worthy of use. They can do their job well. These skins are conduits of personal expression, shielding your devices while offering an artistic extension of ourselves.

But choosing a skin is not about aesthetics; it is about your comfort and the visual narrative that presents you. So kindly research and know everything before buying your phantom’s skin.


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