How to Boot into Fastboot Mode and Recovery Mode?

Fastboot and Recovery Mode
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In this article, we are going to discuss about Fastboot Mode and Recovery Mode, and then will discuss how to Boot into Fastboot Mode and Recovery Mode.


Fastboot also referred to as Bootloader mode or Download mode or Odin mode (in Samsung devices), is the protocol that allows unlimited access to your device starting from unlocking the bootloader to reflashing your system partition.

All manufacturers have their method to boot into fastboot mode but it requires unlocking the bootloader.

The bootloader by few manufacturers is locked by OEM so that the data of your device is safe as unlocking it may lead to loss of your data.

Though fastboot provides a lot of tweaks that you can try but it can cause your phone to break too if loaded improperly.

Boot into Fastboot mode and Recovery Mode

Boot into Fastboot Mode

Using ADB and CLI

This method is used when you don’t want to enter into modes using specific keys and it works for each & every device. For that you require,

  1. Android SDK platform tool
  2. Drivers specific to your phone
  3. USB debugging enabled on your device
  4. OEM unlocked or Bootloader unlocked.

To unlock OEM before booting into fastboot mode as in some devices gets into download mode, read this article to unlock OEM:

OEM Unlock: How to, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

After you have all prerequisites,


Connect your device to PC using the USB cable and in PowerShell enter the following commands,

adb devices

It shows all devices connected to your PC.

Confirm that your device is connected by ensuring the correct build number.

For booting into fastboot mode, use the following command,

adb reboot fastboot

For booting into recovery mode, use the following command,

adb reboot recovery

If you don’t want to load requisites, then you can go with your manufacturer’s specific button unlocking method as below.

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Using Build Specific Keys

Booting into any mode requires you to first Power Off your device. Then Switch on your device and press a combination of keys and it takes you to the following modes.


Note in fastboot mode you can toggle options through Volume keys and select the option using the power key.

Here is the list of Fastboot/Bootloader & Recovery modes for different devices.

ManufacturerFastBoot/Bootloader ModeRecovery Mode
SamsungVolume Down + Power Key +Home or Bixby(if present) otherwise Volume Up button.While going towards fastboot mode when the screen goes off, release the volume down button and keep the other two buttons pressed.
XiaomiVolume Down + PowerVolume Up + Power
Google/NexusPower + Volume DownIn fastboot mode,select recovery mode.Once selected,press the power and volume up button on the next screen.
OnePlusVolume Up + PowerVolume Down + Power
Realme/OppoVolume Up + PowerVolume Down + Power
SonyVolume DownWhile the device turn On,Press Volume Up or Volume Down button 2 or 3 times
AsusVolume Up + PowerVolume Down + Power,when logo appears release power button keeping Volume button pressed.
VivoVolume Up or Volume Down+ PowerIn fastboot mode,toggle to recovery mode.
HTCVolume Down or Home + Power button,release the power button as device switch On keeping Volume Down button pressed.In fastboot mode, toggle to recovery mode using particular keys as given above.
MotorolaPress & hold Volume Down or Volume Up(newer device) button & then Power buttonIn fastboot mode,toggle to recovery mode,and then press & hold the Power button & then the same volume button.
LGVolume UpPower + Volume Down,release it once you see screen then once again continue to hold.
Huawei/HonorVolume Down + PowerVolume Up + Power
NokiaVolume Down + PowerVolume Up +Power
LenovoVolume Up + Power,toggle to Fastboot modeVolume Up + Power,toggle to recovery mode.

After you have reached the proper mode, just connect your device to the PC using a USB cable and follow the required steps.

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Closing Phrase

We hope you found the post useful, and learned how to Boot into Fastboot Mode and Recovery Mode.

Do let us know if you have successfully booted to a specific mode, in the comment section.

Also, let us know any other manufacturer for which you want the process of booting and we will add that to our list.

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