In this article, we are going to talk about Discord Webhook, and how it can be used to automate a ton of stuff, like sending YouTube new upload notifications to your Discord servers automatically or sending your Twitter feed to your Discord server.


Discord Webhook is a hidden gem that can actually ease our life in terms of menial jobs that we don’t want to do usually.

Today, we are specifically going to talk about the YouTube Discord Webhook. We all are aware of the notification system of YouTube, it is the worst. YouTube just sends notifications to a bunch of subscribers only.

So, we are going to implement this YouTube Discord Webhook, where a notification will be sent to your Discord server whenever you upload a new video. In this way, the notification can reach a larger audience.

Discord Illustration. - YouTube Discord Webhook

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Send YouTube New Upload Notification to Discord Server Automatically (YouTube Discord Webhook)


We are going to automate the whole process of sending the notification of a new upload from your YouTube channel to your Discord server.


  • A Discord Server
  • YouTube Channel
  • IFTTT Account

The Steps:

Step 1: First, go to the Discord website or open the Discord app and log in with your credentials.


Discord Log in - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 2: Now, open Discord Server and then navigate to the Server Settings → Integrations Create Webhook.

Create Webhook - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 3: Then, click on the New Webhook button and then select your preferred Name and Channel and then click on Save Changes and then click on Copy Webhook URL and save it in a safe place, we are gonna need it in the upcoming steps. New Webhook

New Webhook - YouTube Discord Webhook

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Step 4: After saving the Webhook URL, we can move forward to for creating an automated applet.

IFTTT Home - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 5: Now, either log in or create an account using your Email, Gmail, or Facebook details. After login, you will find this page.

IFTTT LoggedIn - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 6: Now, click on the Create button from the menu. You will see a new page with two sections, “If This” and “Then That“.

IFTTT If This Then That - YouTube Discord Webhook

So, here, we are going to use YouTube on first “If This” section and then Discord on the “Then That” section.

Step 7: Click on the Add button in front of “If This”, and search for YouTube.

YouTube Search IFTTT - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 8: On clicking the YouTube option, you will see a number of different triggers, we need to select “New public video uploaded by you”.

New Video Uploaded YT IFTTT - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 9: Now, IFTTT will ask you to connect your YouTube account. Click on the Connect button and log in with your YouTube account.

Connect YT IFTTT - YouTube Discord Webhook

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Step 10: Since, that we have successfully done the first step, i.e., “If This”, now, we will move forward to our final step, i.e., “Then That

IFTTT Then That - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 11: Click on the Add button in front of “Then That”, and search for Webhook.

Webhook Search IFTTT - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 12: Now, select the “Make a web request” option.

Make a web request - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 13: You will see something like this, now start filling all the forms. In the first section (URL), paste the Webhook URL that we copied from Discord. In the second section (Method), select “POST”, and in the first section (Content Type), select “application/json” from the drop-down menu.

Make a web request - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 14: Now, in the body section, paste the below code with your own data in fields like “YOURNAME”, “YOURIMAGEURL”, “YOURMESSAGE”. And finally, click on the Create Action button.

{ "username":"YOURNAMEHERE", "avatar_url":"YOURIMAGEURLHERE", "content":"YOURMESSAGEHERE {{Title}}: {{Url}}" }
Make a web request - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 15: Finally, click on the Continue button.

Contine Button IFTTT - YouTube Discord Webhook

Step 16: And then click on the Finish button to start the automation.

Finish Button IFTTT - YouTube Discord Webhook

Final Verdict: YouTube Discord Webhook

That was all, we have successfully implemented the YouTube Discord Webhook, now a new post will be posted on your Discord server that you have posted a new video on YouTube, the post will even contain the video title and URL so that the users can visit right from there.

In case you didn’t understand something, or you have any other queries regarding this article, then feel free to comment down below, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Peace (:

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