How to Install Discord on PS4 and PS5?


  • It has been announced that Discord will introduce voice chat directly to PlayStation 5, as well as support cross platforms.
  • Discord is an app that supports PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows platforms. Although it is the number one online connection for gamers, it has no PlayStation app.
  • Luckily, we have some tricks to get Discord on your PS4 and PS5 gaming consoles easily.
Discord and PS
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Using Discord, gamers can communicate in real-time through voice, text, and video chat with friends and other gamers.


Although Discord is primarily a mobile and PC app, you can also get it on Xbox and PlayStation. This article explains how to install and use Discord on PS4 and PS5 to communicate with other gamers.

Is There any Way to Get Discord on PS4 and PS5?

In the history of console gaming, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are some of the most popular consoles. Therefore, there is certainly a significant segment of gamers who enjoy their favorite games on consoles.

However, if you don’t communicate with your teammates, then you won’t be able to enjoy multiplayer or co-op games. Discord, for example, is on par with many games’ native voice chat functions.

There is no native Discord app available for PlayStation yet, as you may already know. As that will arrive, our only hope is that the app will be developed soon enough to provide a flawless experience.

While Discord doesn’t have a native PlayStation app, there are still a number of features that you can access from PlayStation without the app. Your Discord account can be linked to your PlayStation Network account, or your console can receive Discord text alerts directly.

You can also use a couple of workarounds to use voice chat from your console. Until the app is officially released, you can try out these workarounds and gain a competitive advantage in your gaming sessions while communicating with your team.

How to Connect PlayStation Network Account to Discord

Your PlayStation Network account must be connected to your Discord account before you can talk to friends while playing games on your PS5. Here are the steps to highlight your PS4/PS5 game status in the chat app for others to see:

  • To open Discord’s Settings page, click the gear icon in the screen’s bottom-left corner.
  • Click “Connections” on the left sidebar to view all Discord integrations available.
  • To link your Sony account to Discord, click the PlayStation Network logo in the “Connect Your Accounts” section.
Connect PlayStation Network Account to Discord - Discord on PS4 and PS5
  • Click “Sign In” on the sign-in page that appears, and use the credentials associated with your PlayStation account.
Connect PlayStation Network Account to Discord - Discord on PS4 and PS5
  • Now you can view your PS account details on Discord’s Connections page. Your PSN account can be displayed on your profile, and your game activity can be displayed on your Discord status.
Connect PlayStation Network Account to Discord - Discord on PS4 and PS5
  • Here’s what your friends will see after you connect your PlayStation account to Discord while playing one of the best PS5 games. On your PS5, you can now voice chat with Discord friends.

How To Check Discord Messages on PlayStation

It has only been a few years since voice chat has become popular in games. Here’s how you can use Discord text messages on PlayStation if you prefer text messages over voice chat. However, in order to send general text messages, you and your friend must both have an active PSN account.

  • To get started, open the PlayStation party and go to the text chat window where you would usually send a text message.
  • Type “” in the chat box and send it to your friend.
  • There is no need for this step on PS4 since it has a native browser that opens Discord directly.
  • After you send a text message, a pop-up notification will appear asking you to log into
  • In the console, click that and then wait for the link to open.
  • It will now be possible for you to use the familiar interface of discord web. You will need to sign in to your Discord account with your credentials in order to access your account.
  • From the browser, click on “Open Discord in your browser” to start using Discord.
  • With the PS4 and PS5, you can now check Discord notifications directly. In spite of the fact that this method isn’t ideal, it certainly beats waiting for the native app to be released.

How to use Discord on PlayStation 5

If you are a member of the beta program and would like to add the Discord app to your PS5, please follow these steps:

  • Get the beta version.
  • Once it has been downloaded, go to “Settings.”
  • Go to “Users and Accounts.”
  • Once you’re there, click on “Linked Services.”
  • You will need to use the QR code or secret code displayed on your screen to link your PlayStation account to Discord.
Link PS5 to Discord - Discord on PS4 and PS5
  • Once you authorize the app, you’re good to go.

How to use Discord on PlayStation 4

Currently, there is no official Discord app for the last-generation console, so PS4 users will have to follow the original procedure to use Discord.

  • Thanks to the PS4’s built-in browser, users will not have to share a link with their friends.
  • Visit “” in your internet browser.
  • If you log into your account, you’ll see your messages.
  • To get started, click the link there and load Discord.

There has been no confirmation from Sony yet as to whether Discord will be brought to PS4.

Some Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

How Long Until Discord Is On PS4?

Through the PlayStation web browser, you can use Discord on PS4. While it may be possible to use Discord on the PS4 web browser, some features may not be available, and the experience may not be as smooth as on a PC or mobile device. There has been no announcement from Sony or Discord regarding an official integration of Discord into PS4. 


How to link the PlayStation account to Discord?

Your PlayStation account can be linked to Discord if you want to connect with other gamers on the platform as well as your gaming friends. To link your PlayStation account to Discord, follow these steps:

  1. To log in, open the Discord app or visit the Discord website.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner to access User Settings in Discord.
  3. Go to the User Settings and click on the “Connections” tab.
  4. On the Connections tab, you will find a list of platforms where your Discord account can be linked. Select “PlayStation Network” and click “Connect.”
  5. You will be asked to sign into your PlayStation account. Log in with your PlayStation credentials and click “Sign In.”
  6. After logging in, you will need to authorize Discord’s connection to your PlayStation account. To complete the connection, click the “Authorize” button.
  7. Now that your PlayStation account is linked to your Discord account, you can use it to chat. Click the “Connections” tab in your User Settings to verify the connection.

Sum Up

So, that’s all we have for you about how to get Discord on PS4 and PS5. We hope that this guide has helped you. For more info, comment below and let us know.

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