Earlier when there was no iCloud and Google Photos was in its initial stage people used to store their photos online on Facebook. You might not use Facebook often these days but there might be some photos and videos that you’ve stored on that platform. Now Facebook has introduced an effortless way to store those photos back into Google Photos, you can move your content using this tool. Facebook Photo Transfer Tool for Google Photos is a one-stop solution to your backup problem for photos.


Facebook Photo Transfer Tool for Google Photos

Facebook launched a photo transfer tool last December as part of its Data Transfer Project. This tool was first available in Ireland and later rolled out to countries in Latin America, the Asia Pacific, the EU, UK, Latin America, South East Asia, and Africa. The tool is now finally available in the US and Canada.

Facebook Photo Transfer Tool for Google Photos

You can easily use this tool to transfer your photos and videos.

Steps to use the New Facebook Photo Transfer tool

  • Go to the Facebook desktop or mobile site and open the main settings.
  • On the desktop, click the “Your Facebook Information” tab. For mobile, scroll down to the “Your Facebook Information” section.
  • Then select “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.” You will be asked to enter your password.
  • Choose “Google Photos” from the dropdown menu, enter your Google password, grant permission, and you’re done.

You will receive an email when the transfer is complete.

A point to note is that the transfer won’t be quick. The Activity section will show the transfer as “Pending” until the process begins, then it will update to “In Progress.” This is a very handy tool if you want all your Facebook photos at one place in your Google Photos.

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