How to Fix 0xC004C4AE Error in Windows 10 Easily

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The most fundamental reason for 0xC004C4AE error is that an unsupported language pack has been loaded in the PC. This regularly happens when third-part applications have been utilized to introduce additional display languages to your system. While third-party applications that give language packs are satisfactory in certain renditions of the Windows working system, the Windows 10 Activation procedure won’t have the option to finish if the system identifies that one of these unofficial language packs exists on your machine.


We are going to try two methods to eliminate the 0xC004C4AE error code.

How to Fix 0xC004C4AE Error in Windows 10

Method #1 Restore Your System to an Earlier Point to Revert Changes To resolve 0xC004C4AE Error

Use a backup copy to restore your PC to an earlier date, so as to undo the changes that caused the error. When your system has been restored, you will be able to go through language packs that are not native to the Windows OS, remove them before you re-attempt the installation and activation of the Windows 10 system. 

This method is useful only if you keep a regular back-up of your files and system. If you do not regularly back up the data on your PC, attempt the other methods instead. If you are not aware of how to use a back-up to revert your changes or are not comfortable in doing this, contact a certified Windows technician to assist you in the process. 

Method #2 Revert to an Earlier System to Remove the Language Pack To resolve 0xC004C4AE Error

If you are unable to restore your PC using a back-up, the other option to resolve 0xC004C4AE error is to stop the installation of Windows 10 and go back to Windows 7 or Window 8.1, from which you will be able to remove the language pack in question. Once the offending language pack has been removed completely from your PC, the Windows 10 Activation process should be able to proceed normally. 

Many versions of windows OS don’t support language packages, so the best way to prevent this error from occurring is to avoid using any kind of third-party tool to install extra languages onto your Windows system. You may be able to use any third-party tool to complete alternative language actions without installing these languages as language packs. 

If the above solutions do not help you to resolve 0xC004C4AE error on your PC, contact a qualified Windows repair technician, who will perform the operations needed to remove the problematic language pack from your PC and allow the Windows 10 Activation process to continue to completion. 

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