How to Fix All Disney Plus Error Codes for Better Experience

Disney Plus
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Disney Plus is one of the most popular OTT platforms with a lot of fun content to watch online. The platform has introduced a lot of new content in recent times. However, you will find a lot of glitches and errors every now and then.


This article will show you how to fix all Disney Plus error codes using some simple steps and methods. We have provided a detailed list of all the possible Disney Plus error codes. Along with that, you will also have a possible reason for every error and the way to fix it.

Disney Plus

List of All Disney Plus Error Codes

These are all of the possible Disney Plus error codes that you might come across when using the Disney+ app:

  • Error Code 90 (Internet service)
  • Error Code 87/32 (Login or Password Issue)
  • Error Code 86 (Blocked account)
  • Error Code 83 (Unable to Connect)
  • Error Code 82/72 (Account issue)
  • Error Code 76 (Connectivity issue or trying to stream with a slow connection)
  • Error Code 75  (Multiple devices)
  • Error Code 73/31 (Location availability issue)
  • Error Code 44/40 (Unavailable rights)
  • Error Code 43 (Internet connectivity or Login)
  • Error Code 42 (Issue in connecting to your service)
  • Error Code 41 (Playback Issue)
  • Error Code 39 (Used on multiple devices, or rights issue)
  • Error Code 38 (Time Settings)
  • Error Code 36/35 (Restricted Content)
  • Error Code 34 (Profile limit exceeded)
  • Error Code 30 (Device registration issue)
  • Error Code 29 (Problem in connecting to servers)
  • Error Code 28 (Unavailable Content)
  • Error Code 27 Unavailable Rights)
  • Error Code 25 (Internal Error)
  • Error Code 24 (Login or Connection Issue)
  • Error Code 22 (Restricted Content)
  • Error Code 13 (Device Limit Reached)
  • Error Code 11 (Content availability issue)
  • Error Code 9 (Login or Payment Issue)
  • Error Code 8 (Invalid Email or Password)
  • Error Code 7 (Email or Password Issue)
  • Error Code 5 (Account information issue)
  • Error Code 4 (Transaction Issue)

Fixing Disney Plus Error Codes

Before we go to a detailed fix for each issue, just make sure to try the following fixes if you face any error in the Disney+ app:

  • Just try to sign out from the app and then sign in back again.
  • If you use a router, try restarting it.
  • Restart the device on which you are using the Disney+ app.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
Disney Plus

All Disney Plus Error Codes, Reasons, and Methods to Fix

Error CodeErrorPossible ReasonFix
Error Code 90Internet Service ProblemInternet connection problem or limited dataTry restarting the router, switch to mobile data, or put your smartphone on airplane mode for a while and then try again.
Error Code 87/32Log in or Password IssueThis is a server-side errorNothing can be done from the user’s end. If you are logged out, try logging in again. Clear the browser’s cache and use an incognito tab.
Error Code 86Blocked AccountYour account is found in some mistrust activities and or you might have violated the terms of service.Contact customer support to review the account. Make sure to use 18+ email for a Disney+ account.
Error Code 83Device Compatibility & Unable to ConnectYour device is not compatible with the application. Or there might be a connection problemUpdate the device software or try changing the device to use Disney+
Error Code 82/72Account IssueAny problem related to your accountNothing can be done, try logging in again if you are logged out. You can also try changing the device. At last, contact customer support
Error Code 76Connectivity Issue or Slow ConnectionSlow internet speed is the main reasonTry connecting to a faster network, use mobile data, restart your router.
Error Code 75Multiple DevicesIf one account is used on more than 4 devices.Try not to use the same login credentials on more than 3 devices. If you still face the issue, log out from all the devices and then sign in only to the ones that you use(ideally 3 devices)
Error Code 73/31Location Availability IssueIf you are trying to use the Disney+ app in a region where it is not availableIf you are using a VPN, make sure to set the location where Disney+ is available.
Error Code 44/42/40/27Unavailable RightsGenerally occurs when the account holder does not have rights to stream a content pieceNothing can be done from the user-end. Disney+ selects the rights and restrictions for an account. You can try contacting the support and wait to get the rights.
Error Code 43/24Internet Connectivity or LoginAny issue with the internet connection or loginYou can try switching between WiFi and mobile data. You can also use a VPN
Error Code 41Playback IssueWhen a lot of users are streaming or downloading the same video you are trying to play.You can not do anything from your side except waiting
Error Code 39Multiple Devices or Rights IssueWhen multiple devices are used with the same credentials or unavailable rightsTry applying the same fixes as Error Code 44/42/40/27 and Error Code 75
Error Code 38Time SettingsError in the date and time settings of your deviceAlign your device’s time with the world clock or set it as automatic
Error Code 36/35/28/22/11Restricted ContentThe content that you are trying to watch is unavailable or restrictedThis is an internal error. You can try using a VPN
Error Code 34Profile Limit ExceedWhen you create more than 6 profilesDelete the old profiles which are not in use. Do not exceed the limit of creating profiles that are 6
Error Code 30/13Device Registration IssueWhen you reach the maximum limit of 10 devices, i.e. you can add your account on 10 devices, if you will try to add the same account on more devices, you will face this errorMake sure that you are not registered with more than 10 devices.  
Error Code 29The problem in Connecting to ServersDisney+ faces a problem connecting to the serversNothing can be done except waiting. You can try refreshing and switching between mobile data and WiFi
Error Code 25Internal ErrorCan be caused by an incomplete action. For example, if you open a video, it is loading and you click on another one at the same timeRestarting the application is the best way to fix this issue.
Error Code 9/4Payment IssueIf you enter the wrong account details or card details associated with the accountEnter the correct card details or details of your payment method
Error Code 7Email or Password IssueHappens when you provide the wrong details to create your accountEnter the correct data while creating your account. Use the correct email for verification
Error Code 5Account Info IssueWhen wrong info is added for your accountEnter all the correct account details

Conclusion – Fix Disney Plus Error Codes

That was all about how to fix all Disney Plus error codes for good. We hope this guide helps you in resolving the issue. If these methods do not work, you can always try reaching out to Disney+ customer support, they will help you out for sure.

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