How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 142?

Disney Plus
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The popularity of OTT platforms is increasing and providing a lot of entertainment. In the last 2 years, many big players like Amazon, Apple, and HBO have launched their OTT platforms to compete with Netflix.


Earlier, Walt Disney also launched their own OTT platform called Disney Plus. You will find so many movies, TV shows, and documentary shows on Disney.

Some Disney users have reported that they are seeing this weird error called Disney Plus Error Code 142 while watching a movie or TV show on Disney.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 142?

Similar to other streaming services, Disney Plus has some issues, and Disney Plus error 142 is one of the most frustrating ones.

Many people have complained that the Disney Plus app is not working on their smart TV or are unable to watch the show on a laptop. They keep getting this error code 142 every time they start watching a movie or TV show.

The Error Code 142 usually appears when there is a problem on the server side. The platform usually displays this error when Disney’s servers are unavailable or are undergoing maintenance.

Sometimes the error code 142 appears due to a poor internet connection, or due to the outed app.

Disney Plus Error Code 142

How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 142

Fixing Disney Plus Error Code 142 is simple. The most typical repair is to reload the page if you are using Disney on the browser. If that doesn’t work, you can follow these troubleshooting steps.

So, here are some working steps to fix Disney Plus Error Code 142.


Method 1: Close the Disney app and reopen it again

It is recommended to close and restart the Disney Plus app as a first step in resolving this issue. You can usually solve any streaming service by just restarting your app on your phone, laptop, or TV.

Once done, try to watch any movie and see if the issue is fixed or not.

You can also restart your TV, Phone, or laptop before reopening Disney Plus app.

Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Poor internet connection or no internet is one of the main reasons behind the error code 142.


So if you are facing this problem on your TV or smartphone, check your Internet connection. Here are some steps to troubleshoot the Internet connection.

Step 1: First restart your modem or router and check you can if the issue is solved or not.

Step 2: If you are still facing the same error, turn off your router for 30 seconds. Also, turn off WiFi on your phone or TV.

After 30 seconds, turn on your router. Connect WiFi on your phone and see if you can access Disney+ TV shows or movies.


Try to check other websites and see if you can stream content or not. If you are facing the same problem then the issue might be from the ISP side.

Contact your Internet service provider and ask them to check your connection. In the meantime, check your internet connection speed by visiting or

Disney Plus Error Code 142

Method 3: Check Disney Server

Sometimes due to Disney servers, we face issues like this. It is very important to check if Disney servers are down or working before trying any other solution.

To check the Disney server’s status, you can check the official social media of Disney Plus or check 3rd party sites like downdetector.


If Disney servers are down then you have to wait for some time till they fix the issue.

Disney Plus Error Code 142

Method 4: Sign Out of Disney Plus

When you see error code 142 on your TV or phone, sign out of your Disney Plus account.

Disney Plus Error Code 142

Close the app or browser and then turn it on again.

Sign in to your Disney + account and see if this helped you to solve your issue or not.


Method 5: Update the Disney Plus App

If you are using Disney Plus app on your TV, Phone, or computer, then check the app version first. Sometimes due to the older app version, you can face this connection error on Disney Plus.

To fix this issue, update your Disney Plus app and see if this works or not.

Method 5: Uninstall and Re-install the Disney Plus App

If updating the Disney app not working for you, try to delete and reinstall the Disney Plus app from the app store.

Disney Plus Error Code 142

This will refresh and reconnect your account to the Disney Plus server.


Method 6: Disable Proxy or VPN app

If you are using a proxy or VPN app then disable them. Sometimes due to a VPN app or proxy, you can’t watch a movie or TV show.

Don’t forget to restart your device after disabling VPN and then open Disney Plus App.

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Method 7: Use Different Devices or Browser

Sometimes due to browser cache or cookie issues, you can face error code 142 while watching a movie on Disney Plus.


In this case, try to use a different browser on your computer and see if Disney Plus is working or not.

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Disney Plus Error Code 142 on Amazon FireStick & Fire TV

If you are facing this 142 error code on your Amazon Firestick or TV, then follow these steps:

First, close Disney plus app on your Firestick and restart the app.


Check your internet connection with Firestick.

Sign out of Disney Plus and then sign in again.

Try to update or reinstall the Disney app.

Contact Disney Plus Support

If you are still facing the same issue, then you can contact Disney Plus support and share your issue with them. They can help you.

  • (US) – 888-905-7888
  • (Canada) – 888-282-0520
  • (UK) – 02039 362903
  • (Australia) – 01800 965160

You can also contact them via Twitter at @DisneyPlusHelp.

General FAQs

What does error code 142 on Disney Plus mean?

The error code 142 appears due to poor internet connection or due to Disney Plus Server issues.

How do I fix the Disney Plus error code 142 issue?

Restart your Disney Plus app or reinstall it. You can also try to update the Disney App.

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