How to Fix FAU-G Connecting Services Error

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Ever since the launch, the FAU-G game received a very good response from the Indian audience. As of now, the game has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store and with such a surge in downloads, the FAU-G game faces certain issues. The very common is Connecting Services error. It is important to fix the FAU-G connecting services error for smooth gameplay.


In this article, we are going to show you how to fix FAU-G connecting services error so that you can play and enjoy the game.

Fix FAU-G Connecting Services Error

About FAU-G

FAU-G was launched on 26th January this year on the Republic Day of India. The game was one of the most awaited titles because of the whole PUBG ban and Indo-China clash. The game is an attempt to bring a shooting action game like PUBG, Freefire, and Call of Duty.

FAUG which is also known as Fearless and United Guards is a third-person shooter game that is based on the recent Indo-China clashes in the eastern Ladakh region. The game has 3 different playing modes called Campaign mode, which is available to play right now. The other two modes are 5v5 Battle and Last man standing mode that will be added later.


Fix FAU-G Connecting Services Error

Some of the users have complained about connection issues and issues with the servers while playing the game and some have also complained about Device Not Compatible error. Here we will show you how to fix FAU-G connecting services error.

By Using Change DNS

One of the possible ways to fix FAU-G connecting services error is by changing the DNS server. Not for only FAU-G, changing the DNS server will also fix any of the possible connecting services issues that you face.

You see that DNS gets its data from global DNS servers like Cloudflare, Comodo Secure, Google Public DNS, Open DNS, and some more. So changing the DNS server will fix any local server issues and you won’t get any connection error while playing FAU-G.

DNS will also not have any negative effects on your Ping. In fact, you might get a stronger ping compared to your network.


To do this, we would recommend you by Cloudflare, available for both Android and iOS. All you have to do is to open the app and enable, connect with the VPN profile, and you can play the game easily.

Fix FAU-G Connecting Services Error

If you still face connection issues, then you can also enable WARP from the app, and then restart your game.

By Changing Network

Ever since the launch of FAU-G, the game has seen a huge surge of players and that means that a lot of users are trying to connect to the servers of the game at the same time. This must be causing server overload.

So the best way to have a good connection to the server is by having a strong network connection that offers good internet speed. So having a good internet connection may possibly fix the connecting services error for you.


By Clearing Data and Cache

And what error can’t be fixed by clearing the data and cache of a particular app/game, right? Well, this is the ultimate solution you can try to fix the issue. A cache build-up might be causing these problems in your game. You can clear the data and cache of FAU-G on any Android smartphone by going into the settings.

Fix FAU-G Connecting Services Error

Device Not Compatible Error

A lot of users are also getting Device Not Compatible error on their Android smartphone while they try to download FAU-G from the Play Store. This may be because your smartphone does not require the minimum hardware/software requirement that are essential for the game. So try to install in smartphones that have the latest Android versions and above or at least 6GB of RAM.

So that was about how to fix FAU-G connecting Services error. Do try these methods and if you face any issues, do let us know.

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