Gaming in Linux: Types of Games to Play in Linux

Gaming in Linux
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This is one of our very first articles of the new Gaming in Linux series of articles. In this
series, we cover everything that is needed to play games in a Linux system. Linux is a very
simple and straight forward OS with a ton of features which is not used by a normal user. But with a little info, you can do great stuff with a Linux System.


Many Windows user hesitates to migrate from Windows OS to any Linux only due to the lack of knowledge of the gaming environment in Linux. But we at TechLatest can assure that Linux can be very good in gaming if properly configured. We will not say that it will support all the AAA titles in Ultra HD settings, but it will surely give you good fps in low to mid graphics settings. In fact, a properly configured Linux gaming desktop can also handle the latest online casino games too, like several live blackjack casino games.

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The main motive of this article is to show the various types of games to play in Linux. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Types of Games to Play in Linux

Native Linux Games

Native Linux Games means the games which are officially supported by the publisher. In a simpler way, the games that can be downloaded and played without any further troubleshooting.

Gaming in Linux

There are many sources of these types of games, some of them are listed below:

Steam (Visit Now): We don’t think you need any introduction to Steam. If you are into gaming, then you already know that what Steam is. Steam has a huge library of games that officially support the Linux environment. You just have to download the game and hit the play button, that’s all.

GOG (Visit Now): Just like Steam, it a similar platform that will help you to browse and find the right games for you. It has also a huge library of Native Linux Games.


Other Platform that features Native Linux Games:

Windows Games in Linux

If you are still missing some of the favorite games that you used to play on your Windows machine, then there is nothing to worry about, we have the solution to play Windows Games in Linux. Even we also agree with you too, many latest and good games do not support Linux (for the most) and are available for Windows only.

Gaming in Linux

Here are a few workarounds that will solve the problem to a good extend.

Wine: According to Wine’s official website, it is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on Linux systems. Installing Wine is easy as it is available in most Linux distributions’ repository. By installing Wine, you can play most of the unsupported Windows games in your Linux system. Visit here to browse the directory of supported apps and games.


Steam Play: It will be of great use if you are habitual of Steam as your preferred gaming platform. Steam Play is basically a fork of original Wine which is implemented by Steam. With this, you can play games that are available on Windows only. You check this article to set Steam Play in your distribution of Linux.

Other alternative that helps to play Windows games in Linux:

We will be discussing more about Windows Games in Linux in another article deeply.

Browser Games

Gaming in Linux

The term ‘Browser Games’ is self-explanatory. The games that can be played with a browser is simply known as browser games. There are a number of browser games that can be played by using a web browser in not only Linux OS but every other OSs too like Windows, macOS, etc. You just have to go to the web store like Facebook/Messenger Gaming, GoodGame Studio, and start playing.



This was it for the topic. We hope that it will solve your doubts regarding Gaming in Linux. We have left the Windows games in Linux part half-baked but don’t worry we will be covering everything of that topic in a new article.

We hope you liked the article, if so, please share the article with your loved ones. And if you have any further doubts regarding this then feel free to comment down below.

Peace 😉

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