Windows 10 to get Linux GUI Apps with the latest WSL Update

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Microsoft has announced a major update on May 19th for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The latest update will support hardware acceleration so that we can enable Linux GUI apps to run directly on Windows 10. Once we receive the update, everyone can easily run their favorite Linux GUI apps on Windows.

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We are expecting Microsoft to add the full Linux kernel to Windows 10 with the next WSL version by end of this month. Even though there are third-party apps that help us run Linux apps on Windows, their interface isn’t really good and has a poor graphics performance. The company is set to solve this issue and provide us with GPU acceleration along with Linux tools.

It is said that Windows 10 testers will receive the update soon in the coming months. Microsoft will be revealing more information regarding the GUI apps support later this year.

What will be added to WSL’s update in Windows 10?

  • The company has added support for GPU compute workflows which allows Linux tools to leverage GPUs. This will enable hardware acceleration for many development scenarios, like the parallel computation and training machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models.
  • Support for Linux GUI apps will enable the user to open a WSL instance and run a Linux GUI app directly without any third-party X server. Then you can run your favorite apps in a Linux environment like the integrated development environment (IDE).

Moreover, WSL will soon support a simplified install experience just by running the command “wsl.exe –install,” which will make it easier to start using Linux apps on Windows 10 for the users.

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These most recent Linux enhancements are obviously aimed at engineers who need to utilize Windows as a dev box. Microsoft has made some strong enhancements to Windows with WSL in recent years by adding the Bash shell to Windows at Build four years prior. The development community has additionally embraced WSL, with direct help in numerous tools.

Microsoft additionally included native OpenSSH in Windows 10, and even Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, and Fedora in the Windows Store. Microsoft’s Windows command-line was released as a preview a year ago, and it’s presently arrived at 1.0 general release this week. Microsoft is improving Linux file integration in File Explorer for Windows 10.

WSL 2 and these new GPU guarantees ought to ideally address various extraordinary WSL issues. Microsoft has been battling with compatibility and file I/O execution in the first version of WSL, and it’s been a major area to focus for WSL 2 that shows up in Windows 10 later this month.

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