How to Fix if iPhone Randomly Restarts?

How to Fix if iPhone Randomly Restarts?
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Random Restarts – when your gadget closes down and afterward fires up alone is one of the most irritating issues any gadget proprietor can experience because of programming and equipment factors. In conventional devices, irregular restarts are frequently related to memory and execution problems. 


Updates gadgets are more likely to be set off by programming-related factors, including viruses, programming update bugs, and rebel applications. Random restarts can likewise be connected to low battery side effects.

How to Fix if iPhone Randomly Restarts?

Why Does my iPhone Randomly Restart?

In the worst scenarios, random restarts occur due to damage to its internal components. For instance, your gadget gets physical or water damage from coincidental drops or water exposure.

To manage damages, a  fix is required. Besides,  before seeking professional assistance, you should try some easy-to-fix methods to avoid the issue. 

Below are possible answers for a similar issue on the iPhone that switches off all alone. Peruse on to realize what sets off the iPhone to misbehave and how to return it once again to its generally expected working state.

iPhones that continuously restart can be of either of the types:

  • Restarts Discontinuously: You can use your iPhone for some time with no issue, and afterward, your iPhone randomly reboots.
  • Restart Loop: Your iPhone continuously restarts, and it’s not useful. The logo shows up and disappears on the screen, again and again. Our expectations from iPhones are high, and we continuously try.
    There should be a single reason why iPhones restart time and again. However, there is undoubtedly not a single reason for the issue. In this article, you will know why iPhones reboot randomly, and our guide will let you know the best way to fix the issue.

Ways to Fix iPhone Randomly Restart Issue

The following are some of the methods you can use to fix the iPhone randomly restarting issue:  

Method 1:- Software Update

System Software and Application Software updates not only add newer features and enhance functionality but also fixes software bugs primarily. If the software has a bug associated, then you will face the issue. For such a reason, you will find another update available. 

Following are steps to update your software:

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to check if any updates are available 
  • If it is available, then click to update it

You can even connect your iPhone to a PC or use iTunes or Finder for a software update.

Method 2: Check if an App is Causing the Issue

How to Fix if iPhone Randomly Restarts?

Commonly, an app’s bug is rebooting your phone randomly. However, the iPhone is secured from all such threats as its software is designed to protect against app threats.

Suppose you downloaded/updated, and soon after, your iPhone randomly restarts or enters the restart loop. Clear the app’s data and check if the issue is resolved or not. If not, then uninstall the app, and the problem will most likely be resolved.

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps given below to check if an app is causing the issue or not:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to Privacy
  • Navigate to Analytics and Improvements 
  • Locate Analytics Data and click ok it

You will see several apps on the list. Scroll through all of them and if any app is listed repeatedly, uninstall it. The app is responsible for all the issues.

Method 3: Deal with your iPhone Stockpiling

Memory-related problems like low stockpiling are also hidden reasons for Random restarts. On the off chance that your iPhone currently has many applications and saved content, maybe it’s the perfect opportunity to let loose some space.

Go to your iPhone stockpiling and erase applications that are not generally utilized, old messages, and other undesirable records.

More established iPhones with a more modest stockpiling limit will quite often have this issue, yet regardless of whether the day of 512 gigabytes iPhones, you’d in any case rather keep hold of 60 gigabytes of digital broadcast material that you won’t ever pay attention to, for good measure.


Beside messages, old and unused media records like photographs and recordings are likewise in addition to other things that you ought to erase.

Method 4: Remove your SIM Card

How to Fix if iPhone Randomly Restarts?

A problem can make the reboot circles with your iPhone’s association with your remote transporter. Your SIM badge interfaces your iPhone to your remote transporter, so eliminating it is the most effective way to investigate issues where your iPhone continues to restart.

Sit back and relax: Nothing can turn out badly when you eliminate your SIM card. Your iPhone will promptly reconnect to your transporter when you set it back in.

If eliminating your SIM badge fixes the issue, the SIM card is back in your iPhone. Assuming that the problem returns after you put your SIM badge rear in, you’ll have to reestablish your iPhone and supplant the SIM badge with your transporter.


Method 5: Hard Reset

How to Fix if iPhone Randomly Restarts?

You shouldn’t perform a hard reset on your iPhone if not required. It’s similar to switching off a workstation by turning it off from the divider. An iPhone restart loop is one of the issues where a hard reset is important. 

To perform a hard reset, follow the steps given below:

  • Hold Power and Home Button together till the screen goes blank and the logo returns
  • Your iPhone will complete a hard reset

For iPhone 7:

Here the steps to perform a hard reset are different. You have to press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously to perform a hard reset.

For iPhone 8:

On iPhone 8, you have to press and release the volume button first, similarly to the volume down button. Afterward, press and hold the side button.


Irrespective of which iPhone model you have, press and hold both the buttons for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Method 6: Restore your iPhone

When you restore your iPhone, it erases all the data, and the iOS software reloads. This solves several software bugs. 

Restoring your iPhone, therefore, eradicates the cause that a software bug is responsible for the issue. For restoring your iPhone, you should connect it to a computer and perform DFU restore; that’s more effective in solving problems.

After restoring your iPhone, make sure to restore your data by using backups of iTunes, Finder, or iCloud. However, if the issue continues to persist, then continue reading.


Method 7: Check for any Hardware Issue

How to Fix if iPhone Randomly Restarts?

Hardware issues are one of the most common reasons your iPhone lands on a restart loop.  If you’re using a case on your iPhone, remove it before you continue.

Monitor your iPhone’s charging port for any debris accumulation if inside. If you suspect something, grab an unused toothbrush and gently brush the charging port. Sometimes a short circuit or other issue is responsible for such an issue.

The Conclusion

The methods prescribed above will solve the issue mostly. If still, you cannot exit the restart loop, then you might feel irritated.

In such a scenario, you must not have implemented the solutions correctly. Read on once more and perform the method well. Your iPhone restart problem will be solved.

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