How to Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error in iPhone?

How to Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error?
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Hello readers, today this article will discuss “How can we solve the error of sim, not provision.” SIM cards contain specific data that assists with your cell phone account ID.


The SIM enables the phone to be distinguished as yours on the mobile network (on account of the IMEI number). This allows you to make calls and interface with the mobile data.

To comprehend why your phone might be showing a “SIM not provisioned” blunder message, it assists with knowing what “provisioned” signifies.

Provision can be characterized as the demonstration of giving or providing something. Your sim isn’t provisioned on account of your SIM card, assuming that dividing data among your cellphone and your provider is a point not capable.

What does “Sim Not Provisioned Error” Mean?

How to Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error?
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Whenever your Android or iOS device says your SIM isn’t provisioned, there’s an issue holding it back from partnering with the SIM card’s carrier network. On the off chance that the SIM card is new, maybe it hasn’t been enrolled or initiated by the carrier supplier.

You may likewise experience this mistake if:

  1. The transporter network has impeded your SIM card.
  2. The transporter network is encountering free time, especially with SIM card initiation.
  3. You’re utilizing the SIM card in an unsupported area outside the transporter supplier’s inclusion region.

How to Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error?

How to Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error?
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Following are the few points that can help you to fix the errors of “sim not provisioned” are:-

1. Enable Flight Mode – 

Put your phone in flight mode, hang tight for a couple of moments, and turn it (into airplane mode) to ease off. That will invigorate your device’s connection with your cellular carrier and kill the “SIM not provisioned” error.


Open your phone’s Notification Drawer (for Android) or Control Center (for iPhone) and tap the plane mode. Keep things under control for several minutes and tap a similar symbol to debilitate flight mode. Attempt the following trick assuming your phone actually shows the error message.

2. Reboot Your Smartphone – 

Rebooting your phone could likewise fix this issue. Hang tight for several minutes for the SIM to get initiated on the carrier network whenever your phone returns on for several minutes. If this doesn’t determine the issue, now is the ideal time to finish some clothing.

3. Clean SIM Card and SIM Ports – 

Your phone might neglect to identify and initiate your SIM card, assuming there are unfamiliar materials on the SIM plate, SIM space/port, or the SIM itself.

We’re discussing soil, grime, dust, etc. Ensure your SIM card and SIM port are liberated from these materials. Release your phone’s SIM plate and clean both the SIM card and the port(s). Before you do that, we recommend powering off your device.


Use a sensitive and dry material to clean the gold contact of your SIM card. Do likewise for the SIM card plate and opening. Be as thin as possible; don’t apply an excess strain while cleaning the SIM card space, so you don’t break the metal contacts.

For empty SIM card ports, you can pass over free soil utilizing a container of compacted air. Try not to blow air into the port with your mouth; water fume from your breath could harm the port.

Reinsert the SIM card and ensure it’s appropriately fitted on the SIM plate and embedded accurately in the port.

4. Attempt another Port or Phone – 

On some double SIM smartphones, the blunder message shows the defective SIM card — for instance, “SIM 1 not provisioned” or “SIM 2 not provisioned”.


Switch the impacted SIM card to an alternate SIM opening on your phone and check if that settles the issue. Assuming that the mistake continues, take a stab at embedding the SIM card on another smartphone. 

Something is off about your phone’s SIM card space or cellular radio wire if it works. Visit an approved help community to get your phone inspected for potential equipment harm. Assuming different devices also neglect to perceive the SIM card, you should contact your cellular carrier.

5. Install Carrier Settings Updates – 

If there’s a carrier settings update for your phone, installing it could assist with fixing the issue. Carrier Settings have an assortment of capacities.

At the point when your cellular carrier presents new elements — Wi-Fi calling, for instance — they’re carried out to your device through carrier settings refreshes. 


These cellular settings hold arrangements that power essential capacities like phone calls, mobile information, SMS, a particular area of interest, and so on your phone. Bug fixes that fix cellular availability issues are likewise carried out to your phone through carrier settings refreshes. 

These updates are installed when you embed another SIM card into your phone. Now and again, you’ll get a brief educating you to install a cellular update. You’ll need to physically check for cellular settings refreshes on certain events. Follow the means beneath to make it happen.

6. Update Carrier Services App (for Android) – 

The Android working framework has a dedicated application that handles the cellular handshake between your phone and carrier network.

It’s known as the Carrier Services application. You might get the “SIM not provisioned” blunder if the application has a bug keeping your phone from speaking with the cellular carrier.


7. Contact SIM Card Provider –

Should none of those above fix the issue, you have one final card to play: look for help! Connect with your cellular carrier organization (through email, online entertainment, or phone call) for additional assistance.

Inquire whether your SIM card is active or enlisted on their network and let them in on the means you’ve taken such a long way to fix the issue.

8. Reestablish SIM Card Functionalities Easily –

Ideally, you’ve had the option to get your SIM card working once more. If you’re actually battling with the “SIM not provisioned” mistake, you might need to get a SIM substitution even in the wake of reaching your network carrier.

9. Enact Your SIM Card – 

Much of the time, a SIM card will be actuated naturally in no less than 24 hours of being embedded in another phone. If this doesn’t occur, three choices are generally accessible to enable enactment:

  1. Call a mechanized number
  2. Send an SMS
  3. Sign onto the activation page on the carrier’s site

This multitude of choices is fast and direct yet relies upon whether the carrier upholds them. Generally speaking, your SIM should be activated, and the “SIM not provisioned” error is solved.

How to Install Carrier Settings Update on iPhone?

Following are the few steps for installing Carrier Settings Update on iPhone are:-

Step 1 – Click on the Setting of your iPhone.

Step 2 – Search the “General” option/section on your device in the setting.


Step 3 – Click on the “About” section and check for an option to refresh carrier settings.

Note – If you don’t observe this choice on the page, your iPhone has the most recent carrier settings.

How to Install Carrier Settings Update on Android?

Following are the two general steps to installing Carrier Settings Update on Android:-

 Step 1 – Open the settings of your Android Device.


Step 2 – Search “About Phone” and tap on the Update Profile button.

Additional Step – On some Android devices, you’ll observe this option on the System refreshes page; go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

Note – If you don’t observe a carrier settings update on the two pages, check, assuming your phone has a dedicated Carrier Settings page. You might track down this in Settings > Cellular network > Carrier settings. Even better, look for “carrier settings” utilizing the search box on the Settings page.

How to Update Carrier Services App on Android?

Following are the few steps to update the Carrier services app on your Android Smartphone:-

Step 1 – Tap on the Settings icon and choose “Apps and notifications section.”


Step 2 – Find and then tap on the “See All Apps.”

Step 3 – Then, tap the three-dots menu symbol at the upper right corner of the page and select Show Android system.

Step 4 – Scroll, however, the applications and select Carrier Services.

Step 5 – Click on the Advanced drop-down choice.


Step 6 – Look to the Store area and tap App details. That will divert you to the Carrier Services application page on the Google Play Store.

Step 7 – Click on the Update button to install the most recent form of the application on your phone. 

Note – If the “SIM not provisioned” error continues in the wake of refreshing the application, reboot your phone and check whether that makes a difference.

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