How Android Tracking App Tracks Your Phone When It’s Lost?

Location Tracking
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Cell phones are an essential asset to hold our personal information. Our mobile phones carry personal information such as pictures, contact details, documents, chats, and even bank account passwords. Losing a cell phone could be a nightmare for everyone. 


Unfortunately, stats show that 70 million cell phones get stolen in the United States every year. And more shockingly, only 7% of the lost devices get recovered. 

Businesses nowadays provide company-owned cell phones to employees. The rate of employee phone stealing is 4.3% per year.

Cell phone tracking apps miraculously help people track their lost mobile devices. If you wonder what phone tracking apps are and how they trace the exact location of lost mobile phones, then this article will be very beneficial for you.

Continue reading as we will discuss cell phone tracker apps in detail in terms of their; features, functionality, and other qualities.

Let’s get started.

Location Tracking

What is a Phone Tracking App?

Every cell phone has GPS pre-installed on it. The GPS or “Global Positioning System” is mainly used to navigate cell phones or other mobile devices. For example, the best cell phone tracking app utilizes the GPS feature of the target device to trace its location. 

In general, the GPS is a radio navigation system. The GPS forms from various satellite and ground stations. These satellites help the phone tracking apps to navigate mobile devices.

Of course, you can also track phones with your IMEI numbers, but it is quite a tricky process. And, if you don’t know your device’s IMEI number, tracking it would be impossible without a phone tracking app.


How Android tracking app Tracks Your Phone When It’s Lost?

GPS technology was first designed for the US military. But, now we all can leverage this marvel and utilize the technology to track mobile devices.

Android tracking apps work on a simple principle, they follow the GPS of the target device and report the exact location of the lost phone or tablet.

However, an advanced Android monitoring app enables you to monitor other cell phone actions of your lost device. For instance, using an Android tracking app, you can not only locate your lost device but also spy on the camera and see who has your device in possession. 

Let’s introduce you to the most demanding yet most powerful phone tracking app TheWiSpy.


Best Phone Tracking App – TheWiSpy:

People often discourage spy apps the minute they hear about them. Well, very few people nowadays know about the perks and privileges of an Android tracking app.

Cell phone tracker apps are not for intrusion or stalking, but the primary purpose of Android monitoring apps is to provide digital and physical protection to your family and business.

Now that every child owns a personal smart device, it has become essential to track their actions using a cell phone tracker app.


Introduction – What is TheWiSpy?

The TheWiSpy app is a dedicated Android tracking app with cell phone tracking and monitoring capabilities. It is fully loaded with advanced features to track lost cell phones and monitor cell phone activities remotely.

It is a handy cell phone tracker app that provides users with the exact location of lost or stolen devices, which is very challenging if you track a phone with an IMEI number.

Not only location tracking, but users can also control their target devices and erase all the stored data to ensure data protection. 

Location Tracking

How Does TheWiSpy Help You Track Your Device?

The TheWiSpy Android tracking app can track your phone when it’s lost or stolen. But, there is a specific limit to using the TheWiSpy app for cell phone tracking.

You can only track phones or tablets with the TWS app installed on them, as without installing the cell phone tracker app, it is impossible to locate a lost mobile device.

And, if you wish to track phone with IMEI number, you must note the exact number somewhere safe. Because, in most cases, people lost their cell phones without having any record of their IMEI number.

Such situations worsen if the device falls in the hands of the perpetrator. That is why installing a cell phone tracking app is a must for keeping your cell phone and its saved data protected.


Here is how TheWiSpy cell phone tracking software works:

  • License:

The TheWiSpy app is licensed mobile tracking software. It means that you need to get its subscription to avail of the mobile tracking features. Note that you can only purchase TheWiSpy license from the official source, that is, the TWS website. Visit the link, and you can buy the TWS subscription from there.

  • Installation:

The next step after getting the TheWiSpy license is the phone tracker installation. TheWiSpy officials will send you an email with your app license key and installation URL. You can install the tracker on any device you wish to track with the app download link. The theWiSpy installation is quick; you only have to grant the app some specific permissions to access your target device.

  • Tracking:

Once you download and install the TheWiSpy app on your desired device, you can open its control panel and get a remote view of your target device in seconds. You can track cell phone actions, including call records, SMS messages, GPS location, screen activities, and many other mobile happenings. 


TheWiSpy for Parents & Employees – Track Your Lost Phones Now!

Modern parents are aware of cyber threats. Just a bad link and your kid can face serious dangers both online and offline. On the contrary, if your employee lost his work phone, all your corporate information would be at risk.

The TheWiSpy app offers both parental and corporate solutions for tracking mobile devices. All you need to do is install the TWS app as a security measure on your target device, and you can locate it at any time.

  • For Parental Use: TheWiSpy enables parents to watch screen activities of their kids’ devices. Parents can locate their children and hear their surroundings anytime they want. Also, TheWiSpy allows parents to listen to calls, read messages, and control app activity secretly.
  • For Corporate Use: TheWiSpy app can locate the whereabouts of employees with simple clicks. Employers can now get notification alerts of their staff entering or leaving the workplace with geofencing alerts. Moreover, TheWiSpy business solution keeps company-owners updated about all the activities of their staff members in real-time.

Using an Android monitoring app is an efficient way to avoid cell phones being lost. However, with increasing phone stealth cases, anyone can be the victim. So, why don’t you take precautions and save your personal details from getting leaked by perpetrators? 


The Final Words:

The word Android monitoring app can solely cause chaos making people believe it would break the privacy code. The truth is, an Android monitoring app can be your life savior and track lost phones on the go. However, some people use spy apps for unethical purposes, but it is not the app that causes trouble but the person’s intentions. While searching for a phone tracking program, you may find many free spy apps for Android, but remember that all free spy apps for Android don’t work. 

To get better results and real-time phone tracking, get TheWiSpy app and locate lost or stolen cell phones with easy remote access.

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