Google I/O 2021: All Major Announcements 

Google I/O 2021
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Google is one of the top brands when it comes to technological innovation. They gladly showcase their new technology during the Google I/O event. The good news is that Google I/O 2021 just kicked off on Tuesday earlier this week.


So, let’s look at all the major announcements that took place during the Google I/O 2021 event. 

Google I/O 2021: All You Need to Know

Google I/O 2021

Android 12: A Bold Redesign 

This was one of the most important highlights of the event. Google has released the first beta version of Android 12 during the Google I/O 2021 on Tuesday.

For all the Google Pixel devices including the Pixel 5, Pixel 4/4a, or Pixel 3/3a, the beta update is now rolling out to the users who are in the beta program.

The beta version will also be available to some smartphones from brands including Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, TCL, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE. Android 12 is one of the biggest updates in terms of design. 

Google I/O 2021

Android 12 now supports automatic theming of the notification panel, lock screen, quick settings, and other UI components from the wallpaper. The whole new design language is called Material You. 

The lock screen, home screen, and system settings have been changed for a new refreshed look. 

With Android 12, users will be able to control more of the smart devices. Users can even unlock their cars using their Android smartphones. This feature will be coming to Pixel devices and some Samsung devices later this year. 

Overall, the Android 12 interface looks very cool, and it is said to be much faster and battery efficient. Along with that, one of the main themes of Android 12 is privacy so users will now get a lot of privacy options as well with the new Android 12.


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WearOS: A New Look 

Google I/O 2021

It seems like Google has realized that WearOS needs some significant improvement and for that, they are taking some big steps. Google announced its partnership with Samsung and they are going to combine all the good features of WearOS and Tizen.

Tizen is the smartwatch OS by Samsung. Not only that, but WearOS will also be getting some cool features from Fitbit as well.

This partnership will result in several interesting upgrades which are: extended battery life, always-on heart rate monitoring, 30% faster app loading, smoother UI. And Yes! WearOS will also get Material You redesign. 


Google Maps gets Safer and Environment Friendly 

There are two new features coming to Google Maps, those are Eco-friendly routes and Safer routing.

Google I/O 2021

The first feature will help to reduce the carbon footprint by finding the most optimized route that would lead to the least fuel consumption.

Google I/O 2021

On the other hand, the second feature will use artificial intelligence to analyze roads for traffic, conditions, and weather. As a result, users will be able to get the safest route for traveling. 

Google Photos: More Power to the Users

Google Photos’ new feature will let users protect and lock their private photos so that only the user can access them.


The app will also get new machine-learning capabilities that will let the app create albums by analyzing the objects, shapes, color, etc. 

Google I/O 2021

There will be new types of memories based on special events like Diwali, Lunar New Year, etc.

It will be easier for users to hide certain memories if they do not want them to resurface again and again. 

Google Chrome: Passwords are Safe

Google I/O 2021

The Chrome password manager is already quite good at saving, storing, and auto-filling the passwords wherever needed.


With a new feature, Chrome will be able to detect if any of your passwords have been compromised on some website.

If that’s the case, Chrome will send you a notification and help you in resetting the password for that particular website. 

Smart Canvas for Workspace

Google Workspace also got a new “Smart canvas” update. It is like a combination of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The new feature will help in increasing productivity. We also have other productivity updates like the integration of Google Meet with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.


Along with that, users will also get Pageless Docs, more efficient meeting notes template. 

Project Starline: Next Gen of Video Conferencing 

Google I/O 2021

With the whole COVID-19 pandemic, video calling is quite important for work these days. Well, regarding that Google has announced its new ambitious project called Project Starline.

It uses HD cameras, custom built-in depth sensors, and advanced 3D imaging technology to create a real-time 3D model which is highly detailed, and this makes you feel as if you are talking to a real person. 

LaMDA: Your New AI Friend

Google I/O 2021

Google also announced a new conversational language model based on Google’s neural network called Transformer.


LaMDA is in the R&D stages and one of the most fascinating things about this model is that it can have free-flowing conversations on any topic.

Google displayed the power of LaMDA during the keynote in which it was acting as planet Pluto and a paper airplane.

The demo was so fascinating and we might see this technology used by Google in the near future

Bottom Line

So that was all of the major announcements from Google I/O 2021.


Just like always, Google has announced some new cool features and projects that will help in getting a more advanced future in terms of technology.

Do let us know your favorite announcement from the event. 

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