The Apple Card launched last year was one of the surprising and prominent tech-product. The company launched it as an initiative to help Apple users for making smart financial decisions via an instinctive app. The Apple card was only a cashback credit card with some interesting ideas. According to reports and leaked images, Google is reportedly developing alike product tentatively known as ”Google Card or Google Smart Debit Card”.


Google Smart Debit Card

Google Smart Debit Card

This report has been revealed by TechCrunch which has referred it as ”Smart Debit Card”. Some of the features are the same as Apple Card, the only is that the Google Card is a Debit Card. The Card exists virtually on Google Pay as well as physically. The major difference between Google card and other cards will lie in integrated and detailed financial tracking.

The Card will be tied with a checking account like other debit cards. Users can check their balance, track purchases, add money, lock it, by accessing the account in a new Google App. CITI and Stanford Federal Credit Union are the expected bank partners. The leaked images also provide some other details as well. The physical card is of White color having a logo of Partnered bank and google. There will be a chip card on a visa network, with some other networks as well. It will also feature a blue and green dot circular pattern. TO get an edge over the other available cards, Google should provide a good app experience.

Google Smart Debit Card

The app will show transaction details with time. Even the location of the purchase can be accessed through maps. In case the card gets lost or is being subjected to cybercrime, users can block all the payments via the app and can ask for a replacement. The virtual card will still remain active as it will have a different number from the physical card.

Notifications and privacy settings can be changed through app settings. Privacy is obviously a big topic for a company like Google, therefore it the choice of users to decide what information they want to share. For now, the launch date has not been decided yet.

Google Smart Debit Card

Additionally, 9to5Google seems to have found evidence of the existence of Google smart debit card. The Chrome Gerrit source code includes a new flag which refers to Google issued card and how the browser can push the auto-fill suggestion for the same. The aforementioned Chrome Flag is called ‘#autofill-enable-google-issued-card‘ and is first surfaced on Gerrit back in the month of March. The source code does not confirm any new features but will be linked to your Google account.

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