The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need For Third-Party PS5 Controllers!

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If you’re a retro gamer of the 90s, you might have had at least one favorite controller that you’d die for, just because you believe it provides you a cheeky upper hand in games.


We, as gamers, are quite picky about our gear, and now when gaming is getting more competitive than ever, none of us wants to set back just because our controller drifted out of the blues. 

For quite a long time, the pioneer of gaming consoles, PlayStation 5, didn’t care enough to provide support for third-party controllers, or perhaps, nobody made them at all.

While the glossy Dual-Sense controllers are praised enough for their haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, we’ve all heard about the infamous ‘Sony Controller Drift Lawsuit’ too. 

Fortunately, with the advent of the eSport industry, various creators have come up with innovative designs and mechanics for PS5 controllers.

It’s good to have so many options available at your disposal. Whether you need a controller that’s programmable or one that offers backward compatibility, the possibilities are absolutely endless now. 

However, bear in mind that having a myriad of third-party controllers for purchase also derives confusion, an overwhelmingly big one.

They all not only have varying price tags, but their features differ too. There are premade controllers, aim controllers, customizable ones, limited editions, and whatnot. How can you make sure you don’t fall for edgy marketing tactics here? 

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Well, the answer is simple – read on! 


5 Top Third-Party PS5 Controllers – Gear Up, Comrade!

Aim Controllers – Best Programmable PS5 Controller 

Aim Controller PS5

Made exclusively for content creators and streamers, Aim Controllers offer premade and customizable controllers at a quite reasonable price. Their website has an interactive modification garage that can be used to change the aesthetics of nearly every aspect of your controller. 

It even offers certain unique features, exclusive to Aim Controllers, such as the paddle configuration and the Aim Back Pro grip. Additionally, it’s a pleasure to have such comfortable ergonomics, that too with your favorite textures embodied on it. 

The Aim Controller’s inventory is rich in variety and is sure to help you get something of your preferences. However, the users would have appreciated it if the company could add features like smart triggers and back paddles on their ‘Premade’ range of the controller. 

Battle Beaver – Best for Customization 

Battle Beaver Galaxy PS5 Controller

We’ve all seen and heard competitive gamers using amazing control techniques using customized controllers, but have you ever thought about how they get those additional buttons added and programmed on their controllers? 


A company named Battle Beaver is on a trek to add more personalization in your gameplays by helping you customize your PS5 controllers to literally any extent you can think of. From programmable buttons to their placement and texture, they can easily do it all. 

Somewhat oddly satisfying, you can even choose whether your buttons will be clicky or silent, but it doesn’t just end here. You can also get your controller wrapped in your favorite material, be it translucent, soft-touch, or hydro dips.   

Talking about their control options, they have several features to offer such as smart trigger implementation, thumbstick tension adjustment, KontrolFreek grips, and more. If all this customization seems overwhelming to you, there are readymade options available too. 

Nacon Revolution V3 – Best for Backward Compatibility 

NACON Revolution V3 PS5 Controller

With exceptional support for the 4th generation games of the PlayStation 5 gaming console, the Nacon Revolution V3 is a very capable third-party controller with accurate backward compatibility, so you never fall short of gear, regardless of the game. 


The readymade PS5 controller offers a large body with smooth textures, four programmable buttons at the back, and surprisingly it also has asymmetrical sticks, which is something quite unusual at such a competitive price range.

It’s worth noting that the Revolution V3 also provides removable weights, integrated at the bottom part of the controller. The wide shafts also make it easier to adjust actuation points for the ticks, which may gain you added accuracy to a limited extent. 

They care about their consumers too – the gear also features an LED ring on the right-hand stick and features knobs for controlling the volume of the headset connected to your console on the backside, which certainly makes the experience more convenient. 

Hex Gaming Rival – Best Designer Controller 

Hex Gaming Rival PS5 Controller

Being one of the early entrants in third-party PS5 controller providers, the Hex Gaming Rival is an aesthetically tweaked version of your beloved Dual Sense controllers. There’s a slew of designs crafted exclusively by the company for these controllers. 


Moreover, the ones interested in customization can also make use of these designer controllers by adding features like programmable back buttons, hair triggers, textured back, and more.

However, opting for hair triggers removes the adaptive triggers in the controller, so be thoughtful with your choice. 

Although pricier than the original Dual Sense, the quality is top-notch and the product feels premium in hands. They also have some limited-edition options, but they seem to be way too pricey for the value that they offer. 

SCUF Reflex – Best High-Performance Controller 

SCUF Reflex PS5 Controller

The first iteration of the Reflex controller series by SCUF is one bold controller with unbelievable customization options. Gamers are in awe with swappable faceplates and support for multiple color options. 


Additionally, as you may know, removable back paddles have been a long-awaited and requested feature for Sony’s Dual Sense controllers, and SCUF just made it real. With these paddles in hand, you gain more flexibility over the control mapping of all your favorite games. 

There’s also a grip around the back of the unit that makes the experience comfier. It’s designed innovatively in a way to prevents slippage due to sweaty palms.

And just in case you think too upscale, the FPS edition of the Reflex series packs all the aforementioned features with instant triggers. 

Final Words 


The official controllers that Sony nests with their consoles surely blend in perfectly with the set. However, in case you feel a lack of personalization in your experience, the aforementioned options are sure worth your time.

After all, if you add value to your playable characters through skins, then why not give a makeover to your controller too. 

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