How to Get Peacock on My Smart TV?

Peacock TV
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Are you facing difficulty installing Peacock on your Smart TV? Is your Smart TV Smart enough, yet it does not support Peacock?


Yes, your TV might be Peacock Incompatible. However, you can check how to install Peacock on your Smart TV or stream Peacock content using an additional device.

How to Get Peacock on My Smart TV

How to Download Peacock on Smart TV?

When it comes to downloading Peacock on your Smart TV, it is similar to downloading any other app on your TV. If you don’t know how to do it, then let’s learn:

  • Look Up for App Store on your Smart TV 
  • Sign up with your account
  • Search for the Peacock app
  • Then on the first item of the list, you will see an install button. Click on it
  • It will both download and install the Peacock app on your device.

You need to access your System’s App Store, sign up with your account, and search for the Peacock App. Unfortunately, certain Smart TVs are not compatible with the same, or the app is not available on a device like the Fire TV.

Therefore, you can download Peacock with the help of Chromecast, Roku, or any other streaming device that’s compatible with Peacock. 

If you do not how to how to use Peacock with the help of streaming devices, then you need not worry as we have got you covered with our guides! 

Let’s roll over to how you can stream Peacock from the Roku platform. Besides, this is a typical guide that is versatile for other platforms.

  • Go to Home Menu.
  • Navigate to Roku Channel Store.
  • Then, Search for the Peacock app on Roku Channel Store.
How to Get Peacock
  • When you search, you will see a list of results; choose the first option and add the same to your channels list.
How to Get Peacock
  • The download process will start, and it will install after downloading, then click OK.
  • Launch the Peacock App on your TV, and choose Go to Channel option, or you can return to the Home menu.
How to Get Peacock
  • When you open the app, choose Sign Up to Watch for Free only if you do not have an account and want to watch it for free.
  • However, if you are already a Peacock subscriber, click the Sign In button on the upper right side of your TV screen.
  • Then you will be prompted to input your email credentials like email ID and password.
  • After inputting, choose the Start Watching option.
How to Get Peacock

Or else,

  • Using your web browser,  visit Roku Channel Store
  • In the Search bar, input Peacock App 
  • Choose the Add Channel option
  • Then sign-up or sign in as per your preferences

Let’s learn how to access Peacock Content using Chromecast!


How to Use Chromecast to Watch Peacock Content on Smart TV?

If your Smart TV is Incompatible with the Peacock app, or still if you wish to access Peacock Content using a mobile or laptop, you can use Chromecast.

It is a quick rescue if your Smart TV has a Peacock Incompatible Operating system. To access content via Chromecast, follow the steps carefully from Chromecast compatible Smart TV and mobile device.

  • Choose your preferred media from the Peacock app; alternatively, you can use your compatible device’s browser to access Peacock Content
  • Choose the Chromecast logo and select the option of your Smart TV to start streaming the content.
How to Get Peacock

If your Chromecast-compatible device like a mobile/laptop/desktop computer is a first-gen or one of the latest models, you would be having pre-installed Chromecast or your Chromecast with the Google TV supports casting on a Smart TV.

How to Use AirPlay to Stream Peacock TV?

If you want to access Peacock content and your mobile is iOS or have a Mac device, you can use AirPlay to watch Peacock TV. Mac’s Mojave (10.14.5) operating system and the iOS phone that run on the 12.3 iOS version allow you to stream Peacock Content via AirPlay.

  • Sign in with your Peacock account; else, open the Peacock app on your iOS and add all the content to the queue that you wish to watch.
  • If you are using a Mac device, then go to the menu and navigate to the AirPlay icon.
  • Then, you can connect your Mac with your Smart TV.
How to Get Peacock
  • Choose the Play option, and you can adjust the display format with a drop-down menu.
  • You will see it is highlighted blue when you turn it on.
How to Get Peacock

Does Peacock Support Your Smart TV?

Different Smart TVs run on other OS. This makes several Smart TVs Peacock Incompatible. If you do not know whether your TV is compatible, visit Peacock’s official website. Therein, you can easily navigate to the list of Peacock compatible devices. When you check for compatible TVs from the website, you will see Android TV, Roku Smart TV, Apple TV, and so on in the list.

  • Android TV: Android TVs like the Sony Bravia and some set-tops like NVIDIA Shield that run on Android 5.1 OS and later support the Peacock App.
  • Roku Devices: A range of Roku devices support streaming Peacock. These include Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku 2 4210X, and Roku Streaming Stick.
  • Apple TVs: Fourth-gen or newer Apple Smart TVs that run on TV Operating system 13 or higher support Peacock App.
  • LG Smart TVs: LG Smart TVs use WebOS, so these Smart TVs with WebOS 3.5 or higher are Peacock compatible.

Besides, other set-tops that serve the purpose of gaming and streaming services like the NVIDIA Shield, PlayStation, and Xbox also support Peacock TV. For additional information, visit the official Peacock TV website. 

What can you Watch on The Peacock App?

You can watch several NBC shows like Parks and Recreation, Vikings, Downtown Abbey, and more on the Peacock app.

Besides being a popular streaming platform, it has several of its several original series Luke the MacGruber, Rutherford Falls, and lots more.


Also, you can watch several movies on the Peacock App or Peacock TV.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Much Does a Peacock’s Subscription Plan Cost?

You can access Peacock Library with a subscription plan that costs $5 per month with ads and $10 per month without ads.

What additional features does the Peacock Subscription Plan provide?

If you wish to access Peacock Platform’s entire library, you must subscribe to its premium plan. Else, it provides limited access to content. However, if you are annoyed by the ads, you can have a monthly subscription plan.

The Final Word

Peacock has been emerging as one of the most popular streaming platforms recently. Entertainment is the need of the hour that helps you relax when you’re all exhausted.


So, you will find all the methods to install Peacock on your Smart TV. Besides, if you plan to buy a new TV, why not buy the one that supports Peacock and is an additional tool for binge-watching.

Then, you can check out the Peacock compatible TVs and choose your preferred one as per your budget.

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