How to Send Self Destruct Messages in Messenger

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In this article, we’ll show you the options that you can do to Send Self Destruct Messages in Messenger.


In this busy world, privacy has become a myth. Everything online is an open book for all, some of them are easy to access, whereas some of them are a little bit tricky but not impossible to access.

Major instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram already uses end-to-end encryption protocol to secure the chats. But who knows the internal scenarios of the encryption.

In that case, the self-destruct messages come handy. Now, you might be wondering, what is self-destruct messages? Well, it is already explained by the terms itself, the messages that destruct itself after a certain amount of time, or after successfully receiving, etc.

Self Destruct Messages in Messenger

Send Self Destruct Messages in Messenger

Follow some of the simple steps given below to Send Self Destruct Messages in Messenger:

  • Once done, go to the user’s profile and tap on the name.
  • Now, tap on the option Go to Secret Conversation.
  • It will open another chat panel. There you need to type in the message.
  • Now set the timer duration.
  • The message will automatically disappear after the said time period.

That’s it! You are done. This is how you can send encrypted Self Destruct Messages in Messenger.

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