How to Use WhatsApp With Landline Number?

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Whatsapp the emerging social messaging app is very popular and everyone is tuned in to it. And additionally the most famous and downloaded app worldwide with a major increase in users from India.


We usually register on WhatsApp using Mobile Number. But do you know that you can even use Whatsapp With Landline Number too?

To increase flexibility and features for the users WhatsApp has come up with the new app called “WhatsApp Business”, in this app you’ll be able to easily register using your preferred landline number. This app is well available on the play store for download.

WhatsApp With Landline Number

WhatsApp Business provides this useful and handy feature. Download it from the Play Store with the latest version.

Use WhatsApp With Landline Number

Now let’s look at the method to register on WhatsApp using your landline number:

  • After downloading it from Play Store, type +91 before your landline number rather than 0 appearing before your code like 030 or 040, type it as +9130 and +9140.
  • If you don’t remember your number just give a call on your smartphone where it displays you the landline number. Note down the number and follow the above process.
  • Now OTP will be sent to your given landline number since landline can’t accept otp, wait for a while till the OTP timer runs out.
  • Now Click on “Call Me”, by this, you’ll get OTP of 6 digits on call. Note it down carefully.
  • Type the OTP within the app and fill in your details and you’re done.

You can even register using the usual WhatsApp app too but there you need to add the numbers individually.

Thus, the New app packs this good feature and not only this plenty of others like automated replies especially for business ease.

These features will be discussed in upcoming articles so be in-tuned with because we’ll be bringing you more of those interesting articles for you.

Also, If you’ve got any query do comment below and that we will take that up for you.


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