With iOS 14, Users Can Try Out Apps Before Installing Them

Apple iOS 14
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Apple is constantly working and innovating on every domain to make its products better and better. Well, it seems Apple will keep on doing that. A code is spotted in an early build of iOS 14 and it actually reveals that Apple is working on a new feature, apparently called Clips. With this new feature in effect, you can try out some features of apps without installing them.


Apple Working on Clips for iOS 14

9to5Mac actually reported about the new feature. The idea behind the new feature is that you can try out some features, for example, you can watch a YouTube video without installing YouTube on your device. So this way users will be able to try out various features of an app without actually making it a compulsion to install the app first.

How it Would Work?

So the basic idea is based on the Clips API, You need to scan a QR Code or a link for the app provided by the developers that were not previously installed on your phone. YouTube, apps for Yelp, DoorDash, OpenTable, and PS4 Second Screen are specifically mentioned in the code.

The availability of the features that you can use without having the app installed will be controlled by App Developers. App developers will need to specify the available features for this tech in the App Store.

What’s More With the upcoming iOS 14

So, it is expected that the new iOS 14 update will be available for all the devices that are currently operating on iOS 13. So every model after iPhone 6S and iPhone SE(including these two) will be getting the updates.

As far as we talk about new features, Apple will be adding an extra home screen and wallpaper customizations with the new iOS 14. Talks are that there will be changes to the app switcher as well.

Usually, the new iOS updates are released in Apple’s annual WWDC event, which happens in June. This year’s event has been called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the new iOS 14 update is likely to come out in June around the same time.  

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