Microsoft Teams Can Now Host Meetings with up to 20,000 People

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Virtual meetings are the new normal now, and there are many apps for that. When this whole COVID-19 pandemic forced people to work from home, we saw many video-calling apps that could hold a good amount of people in an online meet. But now we are talking about an insane amount of 20,000 people, yes Microsoft Teams apparently supports it.


Microsoft Teams Can Host 20,000 People Online

Microsoft Teams

This is obviously very good news as with the Microsoft Teams app some of the large scale events are now possible. Microsoft is adding some new and cool features to Teams via an Advanced Communications plan that will allow the users to do online meetings and events at a much larger scale.

With the introduction of the new plan, now you can have 20,000 participants on Teams that will allow companies to reach a large number of audiences and connect better with their employees and clients.

Microsoft aims to deliver the same meeting experience now with a large number of participants so that it is easy to speak, listen, and manage the participants.

Although Teams supports 20,000 participants in a meet, Microsoft has set the limit to 1,000 participants only for interactive meetings. Over the limit of 1,000, the meeting goes to “view only” mode.

Advanced Communications plan

As part of the Advanced Communications plan, there will be better admin controls and the organizations will be able to add more structure on Microsoft Teams and appeal by adding their branding in the meeting so that it looks more professional.

The branded meeting lobby will be coming in some months. Organizations will also be able to use the compliance recording policy. Teams’ Advanced Communications plan can added to any Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription. All these new feature can be tested out by all the organizations for 60-day free trial via the Teams admin Center now or via Microsoft Teams website in mid-August.


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