Verify WhatsApp Forwards with Search The Web Feature

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WhatsApp is bringing many new features into its widely-popular messaging app and this time, WhatsApp brought a new feature into the app to enhance the messaging experience, and control the spread of misinformation over the app.


Now, WhatsApp integrated a new functionality into the app through which users can quickly verify WhatsApp forwards using Search the Web feature. Initially, at the starting of this year, WhatsApp was testing to add a quick-search bar at the bottom of the screen, so the users can verify WhatsApp forward’s quickly by performing a Google search, and now the company has started rolling out the feature for all the users in a stable version.

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Verify WhatsApp Forwards with Search The Web Feature

Verify WhatsApp Forwards

This feature completes the needful during such a situation where the whole world is shattered due to novel coronavirus pandemic, and so many misinformation, rumors, and various conspiracy theories are spreading so quickly via the most preferable messaging app.

Till now, we don’t have an option to verify WhatsApp forwards, a few months back WhatsApp community tried to integrate a fact-checking chatbot designed by Poynter Institute of Media Studies’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). This chatbot specifically designed to check misinformation regarding Coronavirus. But we don’t have any method to verify the truthfulness of other kinds of WhatsApp forward’s.

Now, our most favored app brings that feature too, you can verify any kind of forwarded message in WhatsApp.

How To Verify WhatsApp Forwards with Search The Web Feature?

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Now, in WhatsApp if anyone sends you a message which is forwarded multiple times, a magnifying glass will appear beside the message, so you can simply tap on the icon of the magnifying glass, and it will ask you whether you want to perform a web search or not, Tap on Search Web, and then you can directly see Google search results, you can easily verify the message.

Does It Thwart end-to-end encryption?

According to WhatsApp, this feature let users upload their messages via their web browsers, hence WhatsApp or third-parties can’t view what users are searching over the web, so in simple word, this feature will not hinder end-to-end encryption anyway.


Previously, in 2018 WhatsApp started putting labels over forwarded messages, and from this year, April 2020 the company limits forwarded messages, and now Search the Web is another way to re-establish legitimacy over the platform.

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The feature is currently rolling out in few countries and soon will be available to all WhatsApp users throughout the globe. For now, Search the Web feature to verify WhatsApp forwards is rolling out in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and the US. To get the latest feature, you need to update your WhatsApp from the PlayStore or App Store for Android and iOS respectively. The feature is available in Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web as well.

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