Xiaomi has confirmed on 21st April that it is going to announce MIUI 12 along with Mi 10 Youth Edition on 27th April. The official MIUI account on Weibo has started teasing the new features and we expect them to do it till the day of the announcement. These new teasers officially confirm the new improved ‘Dark Mode 2.0’, which has been an anticipated rumor for a few weeks.


Earlier in 2019, Xiaomi introduced the dark mode through an update in MIUI 10. There was a slight improvement and it was implemented through MIUI 11 later in the same year. But now they have come up with a better version in MIUI 12 and they call it ‘Dark Mode 2.0’.

The dark mode in MIUI 11 does not impact all the applications on the system and not even on the third-party apps. But the ‘Dark Mode 2.0’ on MIUI 12 supports 42 system applications and 20 mainstream apps with deep integration. This new feature was from a report in November where an engineer revealed that system-wide dark mode will be available on MIUI 12.

xiaomi miui 12 dark mode
dark mode
font weight optimization

The new dark mode has used the non-linear conversion of LAB and HSV color space to offer a natural and pleasing visual experience to users on more than 100 apps. Also, the contrast will change dynamically according to the brightness of the surrounding for better visibility while using the dark mode during the day time. It means that if the brightness is low, then the contrast will also lower based on it and vice versa.

dark mode for day

dark mode for night

Furthermore, the ‘Dark Mode 2.0’ will also affect fonts dynamically by changing the font-weight and also reducing glare and blurriness. If the dark mode is turned off, the font-weight will return back to normal to suite the light mode. This feature goes in line was confirmed in a previous report of unified fonts and UI elements by the MIUI head designer in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

The ‘Dark Mode 2.0’ will supposedly dim the phone’s wallpaper at the pixel level to simulate natural day and night scenarios.

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