WhatsApp Will Let Users Sync Their Chat History With Multi-device Support

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One of the most awaited features that are likely to come on WhatsApp is the multi-device support. WhatsApp has been testing the multi-device support for a while now and now there are talks that WhatsApp is working on some features that will let the users sync their chat history across platforms.


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New Features to Sync Chat History Coming With Multi-Device Support

According to WABetaInfo, Along with the multi-device support, WhatsApp will also bring a feature to sync chat history. So when you will log in to different devices using one account, you will be able to sync your messages across the devices with ease.

New Features to Sync Chat History Coming With Multi-Device Support

Once this feature will be integrated, users will no longer have to go through the hassle of copying their chat history every time they log in to a different device. WhatsApp will do this all on its own and for that, it would actually require a WiFi connection as the files might be bigger in size.

“When WhatsApp has safely copied the chat history to the second device, it will be finally possible to use your account from it. Note that any message will be delivered to all your family devices, so your chat history will be always synced across platforms, and when you use or remove a device, your encryption key changes. When the encryption key changes, all active chats will be notified (if Security Notifications are enabled in WhatsApp Settings),” the report by Wabetainfo read.

It is also indicated in the report that WhatsApp has developed an app for iPad exclusively and it will bring multi-device support. That would mean that users can now log in to their iPads and smartphones at the same time and that will also support sync across Android and iOS which is really nice.

New Features to Sync Chat History Coming With Multi-Device Support

The feature is still in development and would take some time. The multi-device support is also not yet available for users and people are really excited about it.


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