WhatsApp Testing Most Awaited Self-Expiring Messages Feature

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WhatsApp testing most-awaited and very exciting self-expiring message feature for Android users. This feature is similar to self-destroying or self-deleting messages that we have seen in other messaging applications.


According to WABetaInfo, “The feature “Expiring messages” is one of the biggest ones that will be available in WhatsApp in the future.” the blog post said the feature isn’t available yet with WhatsApp version, but WhatsApp is working on the feature and most possibly we will get it with next WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp Testing Most Awaited Self-Expiring Message Feature

WhatsApp is continuously stepping toward improving its UI and introducing new features and functions in the app, this self-expiring or self-destructing messages is a part WhatsApp’s enhancement, the company is planning to launch a new panel to introduce Expiring-messages.

self-expiring messages

WhatsApp supports E2E encryption, and messaging services without E2E encryption are unreliable and should be avoided. WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform throughout the globe with more than 2 billion users only because of its reliable, secure, and interactive user-interface.

Not only self-expiring messages, but WhatsApp is also going to introduce a lot more, you can read all Upcoming WhatsApp Features Will Change Your Messaging Experience.

The new self-expiring messages feature is going to be user-controlled i.e user can enable or disable the toggle of expiring messages from chats. And for groups, the group admin can decide whether to enable this feature or not.

According to WABetaInfo, media will also expire if the option will be enabled, but some data might be stored if saved before expiration. E2E is most important so expiring messages will also be end-to-end encrypted.

This feature is in the testing phase for now and may be available with WhatsApp version when the feature will be available at the play store users have to just update their WhatsApp from play store, and then they can enjoy the feature.

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