OnePlus Exposed Hundreds of User’s Email Address Accidentally

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OnePlus exposed hundreds of user’s email address “accidentally”, some recent reports confirmed that OnePlus leaked many user’s email address while sending a mass mailer to a selected number of users for a research study.


According to a report from Android Police, OnePlus exposed hundreds of user’s email addresses by pasting all the email id’s in the “To” field, instead of putting all the email ID’s into the “BCC” field. However, the leak is minor as mails were sent to about 270 email addresses only.

OnePlus Exposed Hundreds of User’s Email Address Accidentally

OnePlus Exposed Hundreds of User's Email Address Accidentally 1

After making such a mistake, OnePlus didn’t respond to a request for comments. The blog post from Android police says “The company was sending emails to a few customers; may be only to them who have registered for the OnePlus UX survey after the 10.5.11 update”.

Well, this is not the first time, that OnePlus exposed hundreds of user’s email addresses. OnePlus has a good history of leaking and breaching data like in 2019, OnePlus “accidentally” leaked email address from its shot an OnePlus app, then again in 2019, company exposed user’s order info including email address, name, mobile number thankfully password and payment information were safe. In 2017. OnePlus was caught up collecting data Personal Identifiable Analytics data from device owners.

And now, our trusted tech-giants developing a habit of leaking data, a few days back seven widely used VPN services reported breaching about 1.2TB of user’s data. Yesterday, we saw another news that Google spying on user’s data to improve its apps. Such kind of silly and creepy things doesn’t suit over leading Tech companies, they should improve their products quality and efficiency instead of spying, stealing, and leaking user’s data.

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