Facebook Announces Native App Lock in Messenger for iOS and Android

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Facebook is trying to serve the best of its services to the customer, so to add an extra security layer in the user’s personal data, Facebook added a native app lock in Messenger. This new App lock in Messenger will provide additional controls to the user’s and this will also improve the device’s privacy.


The user can use app lock in two ways, either by putting Fingerprint lock or by using Face lock. These two biometric features will lock the messenger apps. According to a Facebook blog post, “Privacy is at the heart of Messenger – where you can be yourself with the people who matter most to you, whether that’s through a message, video chat, call or a Messenger Room. Today, we’re announcing new privacy and security features that give you more control.

App Lock in Messenger

Facebook Announces Native App Lock in Messenger

Facebook said that they will not store the lock screen data i.e. Fingerprint or face ID anywhere, the data will be stored locally in the user’s phone. The feature is available for the iOS and most probably it will be available for Android in the next few months.

Facebook also said that for the first time they are bringing more controls over inbox and calls for the users, and so users can control who can directly call them, who can send messages, and who can’t connect with them. Similar, to the controls available on Instagram, added in last year December.

How to Setup App lock In Messenger?

In iOS

  • Open Facebook’s Messenger in your iOS device either iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on your profile picture from the top-left corner.
  • Now go to Privacy.
  • You will find the app lock feature, enable it.
App Lock in Messenger

In Android

This feature is currently only available for iOS devices and it will launch for the Android in next few months.

Moreover, Facebook also said that they are exploring more methods to protect the privacy of Messenger users when someone unknown sends a message. This feature is said to be similar to the blurring image feature available on Instagram and WhatsApp that blurs the image in the message request folder. So you will have an option to see the image of the person before replying or blocking a contact.

Facebook trying to make Messenger more usable and reliable application, a few weeks ago, Facebook launched screen sharing feature in Facebook messenger while video chatting, also Facebook announced Messenger rooms for group video calling up to 50 people and also Facebook launched Facebook Avatar to add extra fun into user’s life.

So these were some important announcements by Facebook, which will provide more controls to the user, and also provides more security to the Messenger users. We can expect app lock in Messenger for Android may be available sooner rather than later, as the feature is available for the iOS, so maybe within next month, it will roll out for the Android users too.

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