Samsung is Working on a 600-megapixel Camera

Samsung is working on a 600-megapixel camera
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When it comes to innovation, Samsung is right there on the top. Be it designs or cameras. When it comes to smartphone camera wars, Samsung has launched 48-megapixel, 64-megpixel and 108-megapixel sensors too.


The Matter: Samsung is Working on a 600-megapixel Camera Launch

The news comes from Samsung Newsroom and it says that the company is aiming to take a step ahead and is working on a 600-megapixel camera sensor.

Samsung is hoping to bring a 600-megapixel camera “for all”. Samsung approximates that the human eye is apparently 500-megapixel in resolution and that is why it wants to bring a sensor with 600-megapixel capacity.

The company admits that major camera sensors are meant for smartphone industries but it also says that it will be designing high-end camera sensors for autonomous vehicles, drones, UV and Infrared camera sensors for use in medical and agricultural fields. So it is a high possibility that this 600-megapixel camera isn’t for smartphones.

Well, Android Authority asked Samsung about the same concern. Here is what Samsung representative replied to them via email, “The 600MP sensor mentioned in the article is more of a long-term goal with no visible timeline at this point, and not necessarily a specific project in motion”.

“We do plan to come out with a number of image sensors throughout the year, so hope we do get there in the near future”, the representative further added.

Samsung is not very clear whether these sensors would exceed 108-megapixels. The good thing is that 2020 is going to be a super exciting year for camera innovations.

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