Shipping Tips For Online Retailers And Stores

Container truck in shipping port ,container dock and freight cargo plane flying above use for transportation and logistic indutry
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Running an online business can sometimes be easy and difficult at the same time. One could spend the whole day on the same task, which can be so boring.


Meanwhile, shipping is one of the major elements of an online business. It could sometimes be hard or complicated. You are either getting customers’ orders out, writing their addresses manually, or printing the shipping labels.

The truth is shipping mustn’t be complicated. More so, tracking parcels is important, and you can do so via the yanwen tracking page. This article will help you with shipping tips for online retailers and stores. Read on!

Container truck in shipping port ,container dock and freight cargo plane flying above use for transportation and logistic indutry
Container trucks in shipping ports, container docks, and freight cargo planes flying above are used for the transportation and logistics industry.

6 Basic Shipping Tips For Online Retailers And Stores

Online retailers need all the profit they can get, including saving costs on shipping. Meanwhile, here are some shipping tips that would help online retailers and stores:

Provide tracking information to your customers

Customers with precise tracking information regarding the delivery of their parcels are much more likely to tolerate shipping delays.

Case studies have shown that adding a tracking page to an online shop does not only help decrease the customer support related to the infamous WISMO question or ‘’Where Is My Order,’’ but also helps customers be much more patient regarding the delivery of their purchased products.

Several tracking services now offer modules to integrate on a website, mainly for Shopify users, with easy-to-install Tracking apps, but these services are also available for other platforms.

Never Estimate the cost of shipping

Customers would appreciate it more if he or she is going to hold the final shipping charges. This is one common mistake people make in an online business.

However, it is very important to understand the shipping fee in advance for delivery, so you don’t end up paying extra than what you told your customer.


Free Shipping

Yes! Free shipping usually comes with a downside for your business because it absorbs all shipping costs so that customers can enjoy free shipping.

The truth is one can enjoy free shipping without eating into your profit. Either the cost of your store items can be increased but not drastically, or a minimum/ maximum order quantity (MOQ) can be purchased.

But you have to be very careful so that the carrier rate estimate can also be accurate. This will encourage buyers to buy more.

Always track your shipping supplies

Supplies are very important because one has to send items to customers. Tracking your shipping supplies helps both the supplier and the customer.


The status of customers’ orders is being monitored, i.e., where the product is and when it will arrive. But the administrator has to update products by entering the shipment date and the tracking code that identifies the shipment.

The customers can always view the details or receive an email once the details are entered. This is easy and brings benefits to the shop.

Always use the Right Packaging

Packaging is very important in every business. Always ensure to use the correct packaging for any item you’re shipping because:

  • Protecting your products ;
  • Determine how a carrier will charge the product;
  • Builds a brand image and also identity ;
  • Creates a good customer relationship.

Avoid shipping items like bubble wrap in a smaller box or without protection. Always use a new box with at least two inches of cushioning.


Always Listen To Your Customers

Customers may sometimes give feedback on how their package arrived. Always listen when they do that. Once there’s a complaint about a delivery, you have to think of changing to a better shipping option to get the best for your customer. 

However, you could slow or use a less expensive shipping option even when a customer is happy at how fast their product arrived. Always try to make your customers satisfied when shipping their products.

Have A Clear Return Policy

This is a situation that all of us have been in. Either the product received was broken in shipping or the product ordered was different from what arrived.

Always consider customers by putting yourself in their shoes. Ensure you have a clear return policy so your customers will have the mind to return the product if there is a complaint.


One has to always prepare for the worst-case scenario by outlining your policy for customers to understand. This policy will help you gain more customers.


Shipping may not be so scary if you can adhere strictly to these shipping tips, and you will be better at shipping in no time.

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