Amid this coronavirus outbreak, when people are forced to work from home, Schools and offices are preferring work from home which has increased the demand for video calls more than over. Before the past 10 days, Zoom was the only app offering this service, however, the software companies are smart enough to analyze this opportunity and turn the fortune in their favor. Microsoft rolls out the new Skype Meet Now Calls in which anyone will be able to make calls without any sign-up and installation.


Skype Meet Now Calls

Zoom has made the video calling so easier, just one tap which is attracting the users. However, it has compromised the privacy of its users. Skype is finally in the market to fight back with Zoom with ”Meet Now”. And the best part is even the host doesn’t need to have Skype installation. The information was revealed by Skype on its twitter handle.

According to the Company, With Meet Now, hosts can create and share a free meeting with just three clicks, Even the host doesn’t need to have Skype installed. You can start the process from its website by clicking on the hyperlink right here. For the next step, invite people either using a simple link or the share button. If the person you’re inviting has Skype installed then it will open the app directly to the call, and if not then it will open the web client that works in Chrome or Edge.

Skype Meet Now

Zoom has already made some changes and pledged more to address its privacy and other issues. we’ll see if this setup helps Skype claw back any users who’ve already gotten used to using competitor’s software for their meetings.

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