These are hard times, everyone is locked down in their homes. And I know many of you will agree that it’s now pretty boring to sit at home and do no fun. Well, we got you covered!


What’s more fun than streaming songs, or watch movies together with friends online in real-time? Yes! I know there’s nothing better. All you need is the Discord Platform.

About Discord

You see, Discord is a really cool platform if you want to stay in touch with your friends online. Because of the COVID-19, it has really become a necessity these days. One can text, listen to music, do voice chat on Discord. One of the cool features is that you can watch movies and shows too. Its unofficial one though.

How to Stream Movies and Shows on Discord

There are some things that you need to make sure before you can stream the movies on Discord, you need to own a Discord Server or at least be a part of a sever. Moreover, you’ll need voice chat room access and a chat-ready headset and a microphone.

Stream Movies and Shows on Discord

Step 1: Login and go to the settings option.

Step 2: Scroll down and find Gaming Activity and click on it.

Stream Movies and Shows on Discord

Step 3: You will see a button labeled as “Add it” at the top of the screen.

Stream Movies and Shows on Discord

Step 4: Add the program that you are using to play the movie or show.

Stream Movies and Shows on Discord

Step 5: Once you’re done adding the program, come back to voice chat room and you’ll see your program as a small title on the bottom of the screen, just above the “voice connected” indicator.


Step 6: Click on the program and you will find a “Go Live” button. Click it and your movie or show will be live.

The earlier limit of maximum people allowed to watch was 10 but now it’s been raised to 50 amid the COVID-19 Outbreak. So you can now watch movies with your friends online.

The reason that this works unofficially is that Discord has a live game streaming feature but it doesn’t know any difference between games and any other programs so you can stream movies online too.

With this feature, I think it will be really fun to watch some cool movies with friends.


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