Snapchat Planet Order: What Does it Even Mean? 

snapchat planet order
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In the rapidly changing social networking landscape, Snapchat is the platform that has the power to be the most popular, especially with Gen Z’ers. Because of its vibrant messaging functions and ongoing innovation, Snapchat offers new things for users to do with their Snapchat friends from time to time. 


Among these innovations is Snapchat’s unique Friend Solar System, which is a part of a premium service called Snapchat Plus. Such a feature helps to rethink user’s perception of their friends within the app. It is done by assigning corresponding planets to their closest friends.

Revealing the Snapchat Solar System: A Comprehensive Guide to Snapchat Planet Order

Envisioned the galactic solar system in your Snapchat screen with you at the epicenter of the bright sun. This analogy essentially captures the essence of the Snapchat Friend Solar System. 

Just as the planets orbit around the Sun and represent the closeness of your friends in a real-life solar system, Snapchat planets do the same within the app.

The essence of this feature lies in its availability exclusively to Snapchat Plus subscribers. After you have subscribed, look out for the golden edges of “Best Friends” or “Friends” badges based on people’s profiles. 

These badges work as keys that open the door to disclosing Snapchat Solar System’s secrets and finding out which planet is yours to live on.

Best Friends Badge: Marking them as “top eight” best friends on Snapchat, this badge implies that you two are so close that you are the BFFs!

Friends Badge: Contrary to the Best Friends badge, this badge does not come with a reciprocal element; it only implies you are among your friend’s top eight connections on Snapchat.

Touching either badge gives you access to the planet you belong to, which then reveals your relationship status with your friend, represented on a Snapchat Solar System scale. Every planet represents your friend’s class in the Best Friends list, thus, the brighter the planet is, the closer you are.

Identifying the Planets’ Arrangement (As of May 2024)

Snapchat Planet Order
Image Credits: News Web Zone

The orbits and the emblems of Snapchat planets illustrate the cosmic structure of our solar system in the same way.

  1. Mercury (1st Place): Just the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury represents your best friend Heart-shaped with four glowing red hearts, this planet is nothing but the top of the Snapchat friendships league.
  2. Venus (2nd Place): Like Venus, the second closest planet to Mercury after the Earth, these are your closest friends on Snapchat. A delicate and rich palette of yellow, pink, and blue hearts makes a beautiful circle around a light brown surface if Venus represents your beloved circle of friends.
  3. Earth (3rd Place): Earth, in its third place, as if it were your third Snapchat friend, depicts your most loved blue planet. The blue Earth is adorned with celestial forms that represent a connection between the Earth and the Snapchat logo that is as deep as the connection we share with our own home planet.
  4. Mars (4th Place): Sourcing inspiration from the fiery red planet in our solar system, Mars is the name of your best friend who is only the fourth closest to you on Snapchat. Its red surface, which has stars and hues of purple and blue balls, shows a strong friendship or similarity with your Snapchat friend.

Traversing the Outer Reaches: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

  1. Jupiter (5th Place): This marvelous planet, located fifth from your Snapchat friend, is your biggest companion of yours. Representing by its red-orange color and stripes, which are dark orange, Jupiter implies a considerable link within your social circle.
  2. Saturn (6th Place): Dressed up by the famous rings Saturn becomes the most distant relative on your Snapchat map. An orange ball with a prominent ring even as far as your Snapchat world is concerned, Saturn is a significant but slightly distant entity.

Encountering the Distant Friends: Uranus and Neptune

  1. Uranus (7th Place): Signified by the seventh planet from the Sun (Uranus), this friend is one of moderate closeness. The color of this planet is green, and the planet is without a heart. This gives the viewer the impression of sporadic relationships in the social circle.
  2. Neptune (8th Place): To the extreme “outskirts” of your Snapchat universe, Neptune represents your friend who is the eighth closest to you. Through the violet-blue appearance, Neptune comes to mean that there is at times engagement in your digital life.

How to Access Your Standing in a Friend’s Snapchat Solar System

  1. Open the Snapchat app and navigate to your friend’s profile.
  2. Locate and tap the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with the golden outline.
  3. This action unveils your designated planet within their Snapchat Solar System, revealing your friendship ranking.
Snapchat Planet Order: What Does it Even Mean?  1
Image Credits: Beebom

It is important to note that Snapchat Plus is the thing you need to open up the Snapchat Friend Solar System feature. 

Therefore, to those who want to discover where they rank among their friends in the Snapchat universe, subscribing to Snapchat Plus will give them access to this interesting part making the social environment of friendships within the app even more vibrant.

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