Sony Revealed the Design for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Announced

PlayStation 5 launch
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Sony was teasing the launch of PlayStation 5 for a while now. We already had the design for the remote of the console and finally, Sony revealed the design for PlayStation 5 and it looks really cool.


Sony Revealed the Design for PlayStation 5

So we now know how the PlayStation 5 would look like. Sony revealed the design for PlayStation 5 at the end of its online PS5 event. It is in a beautiful primary white color and has wings. It will stand vertically just like the Xbox series X.

Sony Revealed the Design for PlayStation 5

With this, Sony also announced PS5 digital edition and it will be available at launch and it will not have a 4K Blu-ray disc drive. We do not know if it will have more storage or will cost less than the PS5.

The PS5 loos very sleek and the color scheme is just too good although many of you would say that black would have looked much dope but the current color and design is dope and really stands out.

The PS5 looks very sleek and modern looking compared to the Xbox Series X. It just looks like some really dope product from the future with curves and wings and all sorts of beautiful design elements.

The PS5 will have some really good internals as well. Although the launch event in which they revealed the design was dedicated to games only, people wanted to know more about the hardware that the console would have, and we have a hardware reveal video from Sony related to the PS5.

The PS5 is scheduled to launch for sometime in the late 2020 and we will see how well it will perform upon its launch worldwide.


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