How to Fix WV-109156-2 Error With EA Games on PS5?


  • While accessing one of multiple EA games on EA games on PS, the error code WV-109156-2 is what obstructs gameplay.
  • The problem can be even with your EA account or your PS console.
  • Hence, I will take you through 8 proven and effective troubleshooting methods.
Playstation 5 / PS5
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Are you a hard-core gamer who always prefers gaming in your leisure time? Well, I do love them to a large extent, primarily regarding PlayStation.


Since I was a child, the nostalgia of PS games like The Legend of Netherlands or car racing games has fascinated me a lot. The legacy continued, and even after being an adult, I love bingeing on PS5 games.

What I love the most is that it lets me enjoy the incredible EA games! Be it Star Wars Jedi: Survivor or the evergreen Need for Speed Hot Pursuit series; these own my heart.

But recently, I faced the WV-109156-2 Error, and my frustration peaked. Fortunately, I am now happy as I have fixed it, so being a fellow gamer will help you troubleshoot it as well.

WV-109156-2 Error

How to Fix WV-109156-2 Error with an EA Game on PS5? 

Several reasons behind the Error Code WV 109156 2 on PlayStation 5. You don’t need technical help as the reason isn’t significant, and you can troubleshoot yourself.

However, to fix it correctly without messing with your system, you must know the reasons behind the error and proceed accordingly. Therefore, follow our guide step by step! 

1. Restart your PS5 Console 

Often, the EA Game on the PlayStation 5 console is fine. It’s just a temporary bug leading to the issue. In such a scenario, you need to restart your console. We better suggest you Power cycle it.

This means turning off your PS5, disconnecting its plug from the main Socket for a while, and then connecting and turning it on. Thus, many of you would successfully fix the WV 109156 2 Error this way.

Restart your PS5 Console - WV-109156-2 Error With EA Games on PS5

2. Restart your Router 

If your WiFi is not stable, then the EA games would find it troublesome to connect with the server. Besides, you would also need help to play other online games.


Therefore, you must fix the issue. If you suspect the WiFi connection is unstable, restart your router to troubleshoot the error code WV-109156-2 on PS5.

Restart your Router - WV-109156-2 Error With EA Games on PS5

3. Update the EA Game on PS5 

You must check whether the error WV-109156-2 is only with a single or multiple EA Games. If it’s only with a particular game, an outdated game is the root cause of the error obstructing gameplay. Hence, you must update it to resolve the issue. 

  • Open PS5 Library and hover over to the game that generates the error message. 
  • Press the Options key from the controller and choose the Check for Updates button.

PS5 will now start checking for game updates and will prompt you to download and install if there are any. Besides, ensure you have a stable internet connection throughout the process. After updating, open the game, and the issue will be resolved. 

4. Reinstall the EA Game on PS5 

If the error WV-109156-2 persists for a particular game even after updating it, the firm reason is that the installation has gone corrupt. Hence to tackle it, you must reinstall the game.

  • Go to the PS5 dashboard and hover over the particular game.
  • Press the Options button on Controller and select the Delete option.
  • Click on Yes to confirm your choice.
  • Head over to Games Library, and navigate to the specific game.
  • Press the Install button.

After reinstalling the game, you would fix the issue with that particular game. 

5. Update the PS5 System Software 

If the error code WV-109156-2 is not with a single game, then obsolete firmware (System Software) is the root cause. This is because newer versions contain the advanced features necessary for optimal gameplay. Not updating leads to several error messages.

Besides, what’s noteworthy is that previous versions often develop bugs, and the newer ones contain bug patches to troubleshoot. Therefore, upgrading firmware is essential. 

  • Head over to PS5 Settings and go to System.
  • Select System Software, click on System Software Update and Settings.
Update the PS5 System Software - WV-109156-2 Error With EA Games on PS5

Thus, if a new version is available, you will see the Update Available pop-up and click on Update System Software to proceed. Let your system download and install it. Afterward, the error code would be resolved on PS5. However, the methods below would help you if no updates were available.


6. Sign in with your EA Account on the Website 

You often need to sign in (re-sign in) with your EA account to the website to enjoy EA games again. 

  • Visit the EA sign-in page on your mobile browser or PC.
  • Tap on the Sign-in button and accept the T&C of the sign-in page.
  • Sign in with your account.

Now, relaunch the game, and PS5 error WV-109156-2 will be resolved.

7. Re-sign in with your PSN Credentials to HELP.EA.COM

Often EA games don’t run on your PlayStation console due to the non-linking of a PSN account with EA.

Users have reported on Reddit that signing in with PSN credentials on helped troubleshoot the error code.


Therefore, visit, sign in with PlayStation Network credentials, and check if the error code WV 109156 2 will be resolved.

8. Disable 2FA on your EA Account 

The error code WV-109156-2 on PlayStation also indicates an SSL connection error with EA. Hence, you can troubleshoot the error code by disabling the two-factor authentication on your EA Account. 

  • Go to and log in with your EA Account.
  • Expand the Security tab and head over to Account Settings.
  • Navigate to 2-Factor Authentication and disable it.

Close the EA Game and retry launching it. The issue would be resolved if there was an SSL connection error. If that doesn’t work, then the problem is something else, and the below-mentioned method will help you fix it. 

9. Reset PS5 Network Settings

When nothing works out, corrupt or misconfigured Network Settings is the culprit of error code WV-109156-2 on PS5.


Hence, instead of checking for every setting, you must reset it to resolve the issue. It’s because corrupt network settings also make connecting with the server and similar matters difficult. 

  • Head over to PS5 Settings and select Network.
  • Go to Setup Internet Connection and choose Use WiFi or LAN Cable.
  • Navigate to Custom and scroll down to Reset to Default Settings.
Reset PS5 Network Settings - WV-109156-2 Error With EA Games on PS5

Your console will now prompt you to complete the process. After doing so, you would eliminate the error WV-109156-2 on PlayStation 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WS 116521 6 mean?

The error WS 116521 6 indicates that your PlayStation console faces a problem connecting with the server. Hence, you must check and fix your internet connection if it’s poor. Besides, checking the server status of PSN as servers are under maintenance also leads to the error.

What if my PS5 is orange?

If your PS5 Console shows orange light, it indicates that it’s turned on and usually works.

What does code WS 116332 6 mean on PS5?

The error code WS 116332 6 on PS5 usually indicates server issues. Hence, you must check the PS5 server status and ensure that the servers aren’t under maintenance.

The Final Thoughts – WV-109156-2 Error With EA Games on PS5

If you were searching for how to fix error WV-109156-2 with EA games on the PlayStation console, then you would have got your answer!

Apart from basic troubleshooting, you must follow advanced techniques like relinking your PSN account with the EA website.


However, if you have enabled two-factor authentication on your EA account, that too causes trouble leading to the error message; hence, you must disable it to check if it works.

If that doesn’t help, resetting PS5 Network Settings is the ultimate solution. It is noteworthy that disabling 2FA does affect account security. 

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