Google Maps is undoubtedly a very resourceful platform, it has been constantly updated over the years and now it is a source of information more than just your standard directions. Adding to the array of information on Google Maps, Google has now introduced the feature of violence alert on Google Maps, i.e., it will mark the locations of violent incidents on the map.


Violence Alert on Google Maps

violence alert on google maps
Source- Reddit: u/chewbacker

This warning shows up around the area of the incident, also mentioning the last incident that happened there with the date and time. Along with the details of the occurrence, it also has an ‘about’ section, wherein the context of the violence is mentioned.

And just like how you get reports about roads with traffic and closed roads, easing your travel experience, as fellow users are able to update about these things, similarly, users can also update about the violence by reporting road closure, besides this, there is also an option to use the web and get to “See the latest updates”. The following web search will provide further information on the same.

This was discovered in the UK by a Reddit user which was later verified by others, worldwide rolling out of this feature would be a very helpful addition to the array of features, as in this day and age, besides navigation, safe navigation is a luxury, and so this is a step towards making the streets possibly safer.


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