Adobe vs. Uniqode

Adobe vs. Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac): Which One is a Better QR Code Generator?

If you search for a “QR Code Generator” in any search engine, two names will pop up immediately- Adobe’s QR Code Generator and Uniqode’s QR Code Generator. …
Dec 28, 2022

What is CCXProcess.exe? Is it a Virus? How to Disable it?

If you want to know more about the CCXProcess or why this creates issues, then you are in the right place. So, let's start with this article. 
Dec 3, 2022

How To Fix Adobe Air Error in Brawlhalla – A Step-by-Step Guide

One such annoying issue is the Adobe Air error which can be extremely tedious to solve in Brawlhalla. For those who don’t know, Adobe Air is an…
Jul 29, 2021

Why Should You Use Adobe Captivate for Training and Learning?

Captivate Adobe LMS provides the right-footed shot to the corporate training agenda. Adobe's goal is to enhance training and develop the necessary skills for employees. Since training…
Jul 28, 2020

Internal Source Code of More Than 50 Companies Exposed Online Including Microsoft, Adobe, And Others

Internal source code of more than 50 companies exposed online, all the companies are from diverse fields including tech, finance, retail, food, eCommerce, and many other sectors.…

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