The Best Tech for Improving Your Customer Service

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Being able to provide excellent customer service is a key component to running any type of business. Whether you run a company that sells products or services, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more is critical if you want to succeed and keep making profits in the long run. 


Unfortunately, many businesses fall short when it comes to the customer service that they provide. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to keep customers happy and you’re looking for ways to improve.

Well, these days, you can implement new forms of technology, such as the options listed below, to reach your goal. 

Online Chats and Chatbots Can Be Used to Address Questions 

Using a combination of online chats and chatbots can be a good way to keep your customers satisfied. Let’s say that someone is shopping on your e-commerce website but they have a question.

While they might want to ask a customer service representative for some assistance, they might not be willing to get on the phone and wait a long time on hold.

Instead, they might be more comfortable texting with a representative. By having an online chat feature that’s easy to find and will connect customers with representatives right away, or at least within a few minutes, you can keep your customers engaged and encourage them to complete their purchase. 

In addition to hiring chat reps, you can also implement the use of chatbots that are powered by AI.

This might not be able to deliver the same types of personalized customer service that an actual human would be able to deliver, but chatbots can be helpful if someone is looking for a basic answer to a simple question.

Basically, chatbots might be able to give customers the information they need right away, without even needing to speak with a customer service rep. 


Give Customers the Chance to Solve Problems by Themselves

In addition to chatbots and online chat representatives, it’s also a good idea to build a website that makes it easy for your customers to get the information they need on their own, without needing to even contact your customer service team.

This might involve the use of an extensive FAQs section, a discussion board, or even a path by which people can easily request a refund or replacement for a product they ordered from you. 

Tracking Your Marketing and Performance Is Key

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Finally, don’t forget about the importance of using tech to track how your business is doing in terms of customer service and marketing.

For example, Dialics, which you can learn more about at, is a call tracking platform. Powered by AI, this is a type of technology that can help you improve your marketing and customer service.


You can use it to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns—which is certainly going to come in handy when it comes to making decisions that are worthwhile)—and you can also use it to help your call center agents work more efficiently and effectively.

If your goal is to increase your profits while keeping customers satisfied, this is definitely a product that you should consider checking out. 

Overall, if you have found that your company’s customer service department could do better, it’s worth looking into the latest tech that can help you achieve your goals. 

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