Tips for Solving Jigsaw Puzzle Games Quickly

Jigsaw puzzle
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It is both exciting and intimidating to sit down and start working on a puzzle. The president of the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation, Alfonso Alvarez-Ossorio, and a competitive puzzle solver, Tammy McLeod, offer advice on how to finish jigsaw puzzles of all sizes fast, the best ways to start solving puzzles as a hobby, and more information on how puzzle champions approach their puzzles.


When you complete a jigsaw puzzle, your brain functions more effectively. Here is a list of those tips which can help you in solving jigsaw puzzles fast.

Jigsaw puzzle
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A Suitable Surface:

Jigsaw puzzle location is almost as crucial as the puzzle method. According to Alvarez-Ossorio, the turntable is used in official events to help the pieces glide around the surface quickly.

To reflect the light of space—lighting is a very significant component,” the mats are typically used in white.

You’ll need a designated area, such as a folding card table, when solving a puzzle at home so you can spread out your pieces and prevent them from becoming misplaced.

When space is limited, puzzle mats come in handy since you can effortlessly roll a piece that is still in progress up for storage when you need to reclaim your dining room or coffee table.

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Edges initially?

It’s common practice to assemble the puzzle’s edges first because parts with a single straight edge are simpler to recognize and assemble. The majority of the time, it is easiest to start with the edge, according to McLeod.

However, no single strategy will work for all puzzles. Sorting is essential to quickly solving a puzzle, although it does not apply to non-rectangular puzzles and some puzzles where the edge pieces are cut interchangeably.


Clever Sorting:

Alvarez-Ossorio advises spending more time organizing the components of a larger puzzle. “Divide the jigsaw puzzle into zones, which are typically distinguished by colors but may occasionally also be by textures.”

Take the instruction to “separate an area of trees and another from leaves that can be the same shade, but the textures are completely distinct” from a nature-themed problem, for instance.

Taking Shortcuts:

McLeod doesn’t waste time looking for the corner pieces, as there are just four of them. To find them, she says, “you’d have to spend a lot of time sorting through all the parts.”

Instead, begin by pulling out the edges, then begin assembling them once you have the majority of them.


She continues by saying that you shouldn’t think that you have to find every single edge piece because that would also be a time waster. The few edge pieces you miss will surely show up once the other parts are in place.

Perfect Positioning:

It’s time to start arranging your pieces once you’ve sorted them. It is simpler to arrange pieces if your puzzle is a picture, painting, collage, or other work with plenty of details or text, according to McLeod.

In contrast, she claims that “Photographs and landscapes typically feature vast regions of identical textures, which might be a stumbling obstacle for beginners.”

Invite a friend over to assist:

Better than one at a jigsaw puzzle is two. Additionally, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon with a puzzle-loving friend.


Many approaches to solving certain challenges:

A 500-piece jigsaw, in McLeod’s own experience, is small enough to be stretched out completely on a table, allowing for simultaneous viewing of all the pieces.

Usually, each piece has enough information to individually identify it, making it simple to pick out pieces to be built without sorting. The situation is different with larger puzzles.

A puzzle with 2,000 or more pieces can be sorted into general groups more quickly because “each piece contains a substantially smaller fraction of the whole image.”

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Enjoy a break:

Expecting to finish your puzzle in one afternoon is unrealistic. I’ve spent over 60 hours working on puzzles with over 4,000 pieces, so I know I can’t finish them in one sitting. shares McLeod Also, if you’re fatigued, having fresh eyes can be helpful.

Stay persistent:

Although some jigsaw puzzles can be challenging, it just adds to the pleasure! It’s not necessary to complete the puzzle in a single sitting. In fact, you might prefer to play in bursts over the course of a weekend or week!

Here are these two puzzles that you can play online.

I’m a Puzzle:


Things have improved since the days of crumpled cardboard and misplaced components. Every jigsaw puzzle you’ll ever need is available in I’m a Puzzle from Unwind Media, and it has all been carefully maintained digitally.

Numerous puzzles are already available to begin. They are further divided into subcategories like Christmas, Cats, and Brazil after being classified into divisions like Events, Creatures, and Locations.

The remainder of the multiverse is also covered in the Other section as if that weren’t enough.

You can also add your own images to “I’m a Puzzle” and share them with others in the normal way or by attaching them to emails you send to friends and other dialectologists.


There are hence an endless amount of puzzles (look it up).

Other choices allow you to see the image you’re trying to construct, hide all but the edges and corners of the components, or even solve the issue.

You ought to give it a shot.

Smart Puzzles Collection:


Smart Puzzles is a puzzle collection with a unique design that combines many different games into one. We created a compact puzzle game by combining several amazing puzzle games.

Those who enjoy logic puzzles, brain training, or brain games will enjoy the Smart Puzzle game.

The greatest way to maintain your brain in top shape is to exercise it. This game employs brain training technologies; play through straightforward but challenging levels to steadily raise your IQ. Throughout the game, the results of your IQ test will be shown.

A group of video games, “Smart Puzzle” refers to the best and most thrilling logic puzzles with elegant design and simple graphics. You should try it once.



Hope you liked this article. I’m quite sure that it will be easy for you to solve puzzles after reading these tips.

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